Wicked Good Charcoal Reviews: Worth The Price?

wicked good charcoal reviews
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wicked good charcoal reviews

BBQ is the perfect activity for every non-vegetarian and the true flavor comes from the charcoal. For the most part, people don’t believe it but the quality of charcoal can influence the smokiness and flavor of the cooked food. So, if you are planning a BBQ, we are sharing Wicked Good charcoal reviews with you, so see if it’s suitable for you or not!

Wicked Good Charcoal Reviews

To begin with, this charcoal is extremely popular among the customers and it’s in extreme demand. There are different varieties of charcoal available at their company and all of them are promised to provide quality. The charcoal is an all-around option and has become a preferred choice for grillers and BBQ enthusiasts. In addition, charcoal can be used for hot grilling because it has slow cooking and long cooking abilities.

What we love about this charcoal is that its non-sparking charcoal which makes it safe for people who have to stand in front of the charcoal grill. Also, even with the non-sparking design, there is impressive smoking available. When it comes down to the experienced grillers, they prefer Wicked Good charcoal for the long-lasting and even burn along with easy lighting. As far as the flavor is concerned, it has a very pleasant yet mild flavor that won’t overpower the food’s flavor.

Wicked Good charcoal comes with minimal dust and there are no small chips either. It can produce minimal sparking and popping when it’s burned and lit but there might be some crackling (crackling is normal with every charcoal, so that’s not a downside). If you are using a torch to light up the charcoal, it can create immense sparking which means you’ve to be cautious while using the torch (you can use a MAPP torch for added safety). All in all, the fire spreads pretty quickly on Wicked Good charcoal and can achieve 890-degrees temperature quickly.

With proper airflow, the charcoal will become burning hot. In addition, when you control the airflow, the temperature will low down pretty quickly. As far as the burn time is concerned, it’s pretty average and the ash development will be low as compared to other brands. To illustrate, this charcoal can stack up pretty well. The charcoal is made from high-quality and premium hardwood and it’s sourced from South America which results in a crispy and pleasant smoky flavor that meets the grilling needs.

On top of everything, this charcoal won’t create a strong smell which means it won’t overpower the food’s flavor. For the most part, the charcoals are completely natural but you might not have access to a wide selection. When it comes down to the price point, it’s pretty affordable (it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this charcoal is a complete package). To summarize, it’s a pretty great option if you want a pleasant flavor without going overboard with the price.

The charcoal is made with a blend of different materials which makes it a sustainable option. It is hot-burning charcoal with a low-ash configuration. The easy-to-light configuration is the best feature of Wicked Good charcoal. As far as the smell is concerned, it has a combination of woodsy and perfume-like flavor which makes it pretty pleasant and mild.

What’s In The Bag?

Whenever you buy a sack of Wicked Good charcoal, you can be assured that there will be no rocks and scrap. There won’t be any dust in the sack either but the amount of bigger charcoal chunks will be exceptional. If you order Wicked Good charcoal, the sack is delivered through a high-end delivery service which means the charcoal will be in good shape.

The Bottom Line

Wicked Good charcoal is all-purpose charcoal and is true to the name; it’s wicked good. It has a great smell and can burn for a long time. Wicked Good charcoal can work in the slow BBQ pit as well as a hot grill and will keep burning for hours. There are charcoal pieces of every size which means you can use them for slow cooks, grilling, and can be used in the charcoal chimney as well. To summarize, it can be used for various cooking styles and the smell is amazing.

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