Why Is Sub Zero Fridge So Expensive? (9 Reasons)

Why Is Sub Zero Fridge So Expensive
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Why Is Sub Zero Fridge So Expensive

Sub Zero refrigerators have become the epitome of professional design and luxury designs. In addition, the refrigerators are integrated with advanced food preservation systems that are perfect for keeping the food fresh for a longer time period. This is why it has become a preferred choice of professionals as well as homeowners. However, these fridges are very expensive and many people are concerned about them. So, let’s see why the Sub Zero fridges are so expensive!

Why Is Sub Zero Fridge So Expensive?

  1. Exceptional Food Preservation Technology

The Sub Zero fridges are integrated with advanced food preservation technology, which means the food will be preserved for a longer time period as compared to regular refrigerators. The refrigerators do a great job at circulating the cold and moist air to keep the food fresh and ready to consume but better control over the humidity and temperature fluctuations is essential to keep the food fresh for a long time. The fridge has been designed with a computer-driven and digital air purification system that helps circulate fresh and moist air into the fridge.

  1. Dual Refrigeration

The Sub Zero fridges are integrated with two sealed refrigeration systems, which are sealed and help control the freezer and refrigerator’s humidity and temperature. It ensures that all the compartments in the fridges have a specific humidity level and makes sure that the food flavor doesn’t transfer, so your food doesn’t only remain fresh but doesn’t lose its flavor either.

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  1. Microprocessor-Controlled System

These fridges are designed with a microprocessor-controlled system, which ensures that the fridge can achieve consistent temperature. In addition, it can maintain the selected temperature within a degree during normal use. This is actually a great thing when refrigerators have temperature fluctuations of over 14 degrees. In simpler words, this system is expensive, which adds to the price of the fridge.

  1. Vacuum Seal

The fridges are designed with a vacuum door seal system, which is essential to maintain the optimal temperature within the appliance. To illustrate, this vacuum sealing system ensures that all four sides of the fridge will be properly sealed. This sealing technology is patented by Sub Zero, which is why they have become expensive.

  1. Air Purification

The fridge has been designed with an antimicrobial air purification system, which is responsible for scrubbing the air automatically after every twenty minutes, promising a hygienic experience. It will ensure that the fresh produce, such as apples, doesn’t get spoiled. That’s because these fruits emit ethylene gas, which results in faster spoiling. However, the air purification system filters out this gas, which means the mold spores and bacteria will be removed, resulting in a longer timespan of the fruits. Since this purification system is expensive, it leads to a higher price for the fridge.

  1. Longevity & Quality

These fridges are designed with top-notch material and are designed to offer over twenty years of continuous use. Every fridge is tested before it is shopped. The multiple QA sessions usually extend the manufacturing time, which leads to higher costs. As a result, the product price increases.

  1. Warranty Period

The fridges are designed with a full-unit warranty of two years. The patented seal system comes with a five-year warranty period but there is a 12-year limited warranty period as well.

  1. Manufacturing

The fridges are made from stainless steel doors and there are cabinet finish doors, which adds to the costs. In addition to this, there are glass doors and you have the option to choose between different handles, which can add to the costs. Not to forget, the fridges have a side-by-side design, which is usually more expensive as compared to regular refrigerators. The fridge also has a bottom freezer door. In simpler words, the fridges have high-end manufacturing and luxurious design, which can result in higher prices.

  1. Resale Value

The Sub Zero fridge is known to have a higher brand recognition, which results in higher resale value. It’s needless to say that kitchen appliances can be expensive, which is why a higher resale value is preferred by the users. However, this high resale value can be one of the causes behind a high price.

The bottom line is that there are various reasons behind an expensive price tag but the manufacturing and features clearly show that the price is worth it!

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