Why Is Scungilli So Expensive? (Answered)

why is scungilli so expensive
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why is scungilli so expensive

Although scungilli isn’t really that popular, it is still an important key ingredient that is used in plenty of Italian seafood dishes. It is basically a type of large snail found in the sea, which has been thoroughly cleaned and cut into small pieces.

Why Is Scungilli So Expensive?

As mentioned earlier, scungilli is not a popular food choice for people. Even when it’s not that commonly found in markets, you will still notice the price of the item to be quite high. Many people are confused regarding the fact that the price of scungilli is so high.

So, if you are also someone who is wondering “Why is scungilli so expensive?”, then this article should be quite helpful to you! Through the article, we will be mentioning some of the main reasons behind such a high price of the product. So, let’s take a closer look!

  1. Shortage

One of the biggest reasons behind the high price of scungilli is the global shortage of this particular seafood. Even though they were mainly used in Italian dishes and people didn’t seem to know much about this unique seafood a few years ago, we can clearly see a significant increase in demand for it, especially in the previous couple of years.

Surprisingly enough, the demand for seafood items isn’t only from Italy. As a matter of fact, people from all over Asia have grown a liking to scungilli which has caused the demand to spike. On top of that, it has also caused an overall shortage as scungilli wasn’t clearly as important as it is today.

So, because of this shortage, whenever you plan to buy yourself scungilli, you may notice the price of the product to be quite high.

  1. High Demand

As explained in the previous reason, there has been a recent increase in the demand for scungilli in the Asian regions of the world. The increase in demand has become more than the production rate of the product which is also one of the reasons why you might find scungilli to be more expensive.

Most usually, the seafood is actually imported from another region, which also adds the cost of the import and other taxes, which also play a role in increasing the overall price. Moreover, you will notice how it is actually not that common to find in local markets, as it is usually imported and costs a lot.

  1. Consumer

You may have noticed a lot of restaurants stop serving scungilli altogether. When asked why they will all tell you about the item being too expensive to be served. A few years ago, you’d find scungilli at the very same restaurant for just a few bucks, whereas now, most restaurants have even stopped serving it because of its high price.

The reason behind it is not only because of the high demand from the Asian market and shortage of scungilli but also because of the consumers themselves. The thing is that these people are actually willing to pay more for buying or eating scungilli. As the demand’s already high, and the people are completely fine paying more for getting scungilli, it’s only normal the price will increase as much as it can.

Is It Worth It?

Now that we have explained all the reasons behind the price of scungilli, the question remains as to whether buying it would even be worth your money or not. Well, it completely depends on personal preference. If you are someone who absolutely wants to have a taste of this unique seafood, then you should most definitely try purchasing it. Else, you’d also be fine trying any other seafood you find less expensive.

The Bottom Line:

Why is scungilli so expensive? This question comes into the mind of every individual looking to purchase scungilli. Through this article, we have managed to come up with some of the most common reasons behind the high price of the product. Be sure to give the article a thorough read in order to learn more about these reasons!

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