Why Is American Bread So Sweet?

why is american bread so sweet
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why is american bread so sweet

Isn’t bread an important part of our dining tables? Well, it’s even more prevalent when you are in America because these people are just too fond of bread. For this reason, bread has become a staple food, and it was basically made to manage the excessive wheat production (what a smart way!). However, everyone has one question, “why is American bread so sweet?” If you have been thinking about the same thing, let’s check out some reasons behind the sweetness!

Why Is American Bread So Sweet?

During the Second World War, warfare led to a shortage of wheat which means the demand for American wheat increased. The demand was fulfilled, and the higher supply resulted in low prices, which resulted in extremely affordable bread. In particular, sweet bread became more popular because it was more affordable as compared to making whole grain bread. So, that’s one reason why American bread is so sweet (it’s affordable).

Secondly, with time, people became more accustomed to sweet bread and actually preferred it over whole wheat bread and savory food items. In fact, some people like munching on American bread because it helps them satisfy their sweet cravings. Thirdly, sweet bread has become a symbol of luxury since the cultural values have adhered to it. Not to forget, sweet bread is easier to make as compared to healthier bread.

At this point, we do want to tell you that American bread has more calories and sugar than a Snickers bar (the sugar is 13.06g in bread while a Snickers bar has 11.25g sugar). In addition to this, the bread is made with wheat which already has natural sugar, and when it is combined and baked with butter and milk, the sweetness increases even more. That being said, if these additional ingredients aren’t added to the bread, it might not be as sweet.

Another reason behind the sweetness of American bread is the utilization of preservatives. The American bread is baked to last longer, which means there are more preservatives that also increase the sweetness. On top of everything, various bread manufacturers use sweeteners and sugar to ensure the bread bakes up quickly, which results in sweeter bread. So, these are some reasons why American bread is always sweet!

Is American Bread Really Different?

According to research, an average American consumes around forty slices of bread in a year. However, in the past few years, people have shifted from white flour bread to whole grain bread. This is because people understood that white flour bread has refined carbohydrates, which often lead to diabetes and weight gain. As far as the difference is concerned, Americans are using enriched flours (the ones with fiber, iron, or vitamins) to bake bread, while European people are opting for whole-grain wheat.

Shelf Life Of American Bread

If you like eating American bread, you would be aware of the fact that it lasts a long time. Many people would say that yeast is the primary ingredient that helps increase the shelf life, but there are some other factors as well. So, when the bread is made from water, salt, and wheat, it is highly likely to last a long time as compared to bread that’s made with shortening, sugar, and eggs.

Is American Bread Same As British Bread?

There is an endless range of bread available in the market, but British bread and American bread are most common. The biggest difference between these two types of bread is the sugar content – American bread is sweeter as compared to British bread. Not to forget, Americans actually like sweeter bread, but British people are more into plain or savory bread.

The Bottom Line

The Americans are known to eat sweeter bread, but there are people who have grown to make healthier choices by shifting to whole grain wheat bread. Similarly, there are new bakeries opening up in the US with delectable choices, so there are chances that you can get plain and savored bread in America now. Not to forget, you can always bake your own bread with sugar, wheat, and water (without any sugar and preservatives, of course!). So, are you clear why American bread is always so sweet? 

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