Why Does My Frozen Pizza Curl Up? (Answered)

why does my frozen pizza curl up
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why does my frozen pizza curl up

Pizza is one of the most popular forms of fast food that one can enjoy. It is mainly made using dough and cheese, with other ingredients added to it according to the taste and recipe.

Why Does My Frozen Pizza Curl Up?

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of users ask the question about their frozen pizza curling up. As freezing is a known technique for storing food so it can last for more time before it starts going bad. However, it seems that a frozen pizza tends to curl up after attempting to bake it inside the oven.

If you are also wondering “Why does my frozen pizza curl up?”, then this article is for you! Using the article, we will be explaining everything that you need to know about pizza curling up, and whether this can be even avoided or not. So, let’s get started!

Why Does This Happen?

While there are a number of reasons why this could be happening, but the first thing we recommend you check is the kind of dough you are using for the pizza. It could be that you are using a cheap quality dough.

If you are made the pizza yourself, we highly recommend checking the dough that you used on it. It is highly likely that you have been using the kind of dough that isn’t suitable to be frozen and heated all over again.

The reason why this happens is simply that the dough is a really important part of any pizza. It acts as the main base of the pizza on which all the toppings are then sprinkled. If the dough isn’t good enough, your pizza’s bound to curl up.

Another thing that we recommend you check is whether you are using the oven at a very high temperature. The thing is that whenever you freeze something like a pizza or any food in general, putting it in an oven that is set to high temperature would mess up your pizza.

Instead, what’s suggested is that you use slow temperature and also make sure that you are gradually cooking it. You can’t really rush a frozen pizza as cooking at a high temperature will not only ruin the pizza’s shape but will also cause certain spots of the pizza to remain uncooked.

This is why we highly suggest you make sure that you have set the oven to the right temperature.

One other thing that we’d recommend is to always make use of a pizza stone. Doing so should lower the chances of your pizza’s crust curling up. When heated at a higher temperature using a simple oven, the bottom side of the pizza tends to heat up quicker than other parts which ultimately results in the curls rising up. You may also notice the pizza to attain the shape of a taco.

Similarly, ensure that your pizza isn’t completely frozen when you put it inside the pizza stone. If it is, you must set the pizza stone to a lower temperature. This will let the pizza unfreeze and help cook it evenly.

If you do still notice the pizza curling up, then there could be something wrong with the ingredients that you are using to make the pizza. It could be that the dough is too dry to be cooked. In such cases, we recommend double-checking all the ingredients that you are using, especially the dough. Make sure that you don’t go cheap on any of the ingredients as this could be what is causing the pizza to curl in the first place.

The Bottom Line:

Why does my frozen pizza curl up? Though there could be a number of reasons behind this, we highly recommend you give the article a read. We have explained everything about why the pizza could be curling up and what you can do to fix it.

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