Why Does Gatorade Make My Mouth Dry? (3 Reasons)

why does gatorade make my mouth dry
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why does gatorade make my mouth dry

Sports drinks have become a common choice for people who want to keep their nutrient levels in check. Not only common people but sports players also prefer them as they help them hydrate after rough exercise and playing sessions. Having said that, sports drinks can be easily purchased from grocery stores with fruit juices and sodas. One such option is Gatorade, which is a well-known sports drink, but the users have often complained about dry mouth after using this drink!

Why Does Gatorade Make My Mouth Dry?

When it comes down to Gatorade, it is meant to keep you hydrated and keep the nutrient levels in check while providing an energy boost. However, it sounds counteractive for Gatorade to make the mouth dry, but it’s possible. So, if you want to know the reasons behind this dryness, let’s check out the article below!

1. Sugar

It doesn’t matter which sports drink you are taking; it is meant to have sugar. In addition, these drinks promise various electrolytes like potassium and sodium, as the body naturally loses these nutrients when you engage in intense workouts (it usually happens after an hour of exercise). In addition to this, the drinks offer energy-boosting carbs, which come from sucrose and corn syrup, as both of them have a higher fructose level.

For instance, the 12-ounce bottle of Gatorade tends to have approximately 21g of sugar (it might be less than carbonated sodas, but it’s still a higher percentage than water). Having said that, these sugar contents meet streptococcus mutans (it’s a common bacteria living in the mouth). This bacteria is known for protecting the gums and teeth, but it also loves sugar. In simpler words, it consumes sweet items, which results in a dry mouth.

2. Acidity

Just like other sports drinks, Gatorade also has a higher citric acid level, which is usually used for extending the shelf life of the drink. However, it tends to strip the enamel from the teeth, which makes the teeth prone to decay and cavities. Similarly, these exposed teeth and gum result in a dry mouth. However, the dry mouth is usually caused when you drink Gatorade daily, but it can be prevented with the help of proper dental hygiene and overall lifestyle.

It is suggested that you don’t brush your teeth right after drinking Gatorade because the acid contents of the drink soften the enamel, and brushing them right away will wear down the enamel.

3. Consume Water

One of the biggest issues with sports drinks is that the person starts drinking less water after consuming these acidic and sugary drinks. It means that you will end up consuming more calories, and the water won’t be able to rinse your mouth, resulting in a dry mouth. Keep in mind that a dry mouth can lead to bad breath. For this reason, you need to consume tap water along with Gatorade because it’s fluoridated, which improves the rinsing experience, leading to better moisture in the mouth.

Tips To Prevent Dry Mouth

It’s clear that dry mouth is caused by the acidic nature, absence of fluoride, and sugars in the sports drink. However, it can be easily prevented or fixed, and we have outlined some tips below;

  • First of all, you should opt for chewing gum or sugar-free candies as chewing or sucking on them helps with saliva flow in the mouth. So, if you consume Gatorade regularly, make it a point to consume these gums as well
  • You need to reduce the caffeine intake because it can make the mouth even drier
  • It’s best to stop using mouthwashes with alcohol content because alcohol can be drying. In addition to this, you should stop using tobacco
  • Make sure that you are consuming regular water along with the sports drinks to keep the mouth wet
  • Opt for mouthwashes that are particularly designed for dry mouth. In particular, the mouthwash with xylitol will offer better moisture and will protect the teeth against decay and cavities
  • Do not use the decongestants and antihistamines, particularly the over-the-counter versions
  • Try to skip the sugary and acidic food items
  • Start using the toothpaste with a higher fluoride content

So, are you ready to treat your dry mouth, then?

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