Why Do My Eggs Crack When I Boil Them? (3 Reasons)

why do my eggs crack when i boil them
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why do my eggs crack when i boil them

Eggs of various birds are being consumed as food and chicken is the most popular one among the others that include ducks, ostrich, and some other birds as well. There are also several ways to eat those eggs, and you can cook them, fry the eggs or simply boil and eat the eggs to get the right nutrition along with the taste that you might be looking for. Boiling the eggs is as easy as putting some eggs in the water and then boiling the water for the eggs to be boiled in a few minutes.

That is simply the best and easiest method to cook eggs for sure, but if your eggs are getting cracked when you are boiling them, there might be something wrong that you are doing and you will need to make sure that you are avoiding such mistakes so you don’t have to deal with the situation and you can boil the egg just the right way you would like to have. A few key factors that you will need to be careful about in such instances would be:

Why Do My Eggs Crack When I Boil Them?

1. Dropping the Eggs from a Distance

A common mistake that most people make while boiling the eggs is to drop the eggs from a considerable height and while the water can take some effect of the shock, the eggs might break due to the fall at times and you will need to ensure that you are not doing that mistake while boiling the eggs if you don’t want the eggs to crack while you are boiling them.

The heat of boiling water and vapors coming up is understandable and the best way to sort out this problem is to ensure that you are putting the eggs in the pan while the water is cold and place them gently on the surface of your pan. After that, you can carefully put the pan on fire while making sure that the eggs don’t collide with the pan walls and that will help you to avoid such problems while boiling the eggs.

2. Pan Too Small

Another thing that you might be doing wrong is to put too many eggs in a pan and the pan might be too small for all these eggs. It is basic science and upon heating, the water molecules will start to vibrate. These vibrating water molecules will make the eggs vibrate a bit a swell and that can very well make the eggs collide with each other. Continuous vibration can cause the eggs to crack as they are vibrating and collide with each other and that can be the reason for your eggs to crack while boiling.

You will need to ensure that you are only putting a limited number of eggs in your pan that it can take. The eggs should not be touching each other and there should be enough room for them to vibrate when the water boils. That will help you out perfectly to ensure that you are getting the perfect experience of boiling the eggs and they are not going to crack either if you do it right.

3. Using Too Little Water

There is another common mistake that most people do is to pour the lesser amount of water into the pan that they are using to boil the eggs. The lesser eggs will cause you to have such problems with cracking the eggs since they are going to vibrate and if there is not enough water in the pan, they will collide with each other or the walls of your pan and might end up breaking and cracking.

You will need to make sure that you are putting a sufficient amount of water in the pan that you are going to use for boiling the eggs. The water should be more than the eggs when they are all dipped properly in the water, but not reach the top of your pan either. That will ensure you have the perfect experience with all sorts of boiling needs that you might be having and you will end up getting just the perfect experience with the eggs that are boiled just right and not cracked either.

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