3 Reasons Why Boil Corn In Milk

why boil corn in milk
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why boil corn in milk

Grainy and starchy vegetables are liked all around the world. When it comes to rich starch-full vegetable, corn is the best one to come across your mind. Corn is a highly nutritious vegetable with good content of starch, fibers, and minerals. It is eaten all around the world as sweet and buttery cereal grains. Several people have different preferences when it comes to eating corn.

While the most liked and preferred way of cooking corn is to boil in milk. There are several reasons why you may boil corn in milk. Especially, for those who like to endeavor sweet and juicy flavors in the roasted corns. You may boil your corn with milk if you want the sweet and juicy essence to stay all the while. In this post, we will tell why you must try boiling corn in milk instead of water. Read on.

Why Do You Boil Corn?

Corn is a tough and sturdy vegetable with lots of flavors and tastes rolling inside. The undercooked or hard corn wouldn’t let you taste the inner richness and nutty taste of corn. This is exactly why you must boil corn before eating. The roasted corns are the best endeavor. They have the best and the most revealing buttery flavors you crave when you eat corn.

Although, one thing you need to be careful about is eating too long boiled corns. Boiling corns for too long will turn them tough, reduce flavors, and the appealing aroma of corn might disappear.

Why Do You Boil Corn In Milk?

If you love to get the most out of well-boiled corn, you must boil corn in milk. Also, if you haven’t tried it, boiling corn in milk is a must-try.

Water is usually used to boil corn. But milk can be a better and tasteful alternative for boiling corn. Here is why you should boil corn in milk:

  1. To Retain Juiciness Of Corn

Boiling corn in milk gives you the true juicy flavors of corn in the best possible way. Many people believe that milk doesn’t travel to the kernels. However, to some extent it is true, but milk restores the juiciness of corn.

  1. For Sweet Flavors To Retain In Corn

Another reason why you must bring your corn to boil in milk is the sweet flavors to retain. Milk is comparatively rich in flavors and sweetness as compared to water. This is why boiling corn in milk gives sweet flavors to it. The flavors can be short-lived but very effective and appealing.

  1. Milk And Butter Addition

When you add a cup of milk and some butter sticks in the boiling water of corn, sweetness prevails as you eat the chunk of corn. The butter and milk combination makes your corn much buttery, creamy, and DELICIOUS.

Bottom Line:

Milk, no doubt, is an exceptional alternative to water when you boil corn. It retains the juiciness, tenderness, sweetness, and delicious flavors in your corn. However, some people consider it as a wastage of milk. 

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