Why Are Marcona Almonds So Expensive?

why are marcona almonds so expensive
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why are marcona almonds so expensive

Almonds are everyone’s favorite nuts (even if people cannot eat them due to allergies). However, we only know almonds with the woody texture and nutty flavor but Marcona almonds are something more delicious. However, people often ask, “why are Marcona almonds so expensive?” and it’s valid (they are really expensive). With this article, we are sharing why these almonds are so expensive and what are they actually.

Why Are Marcona Almonds So Expensive?

These are gourmet-style almonds and are known for their sweet and delicate flavor. Basically, these almonds are native to Spain and have become famous in the Mediterranean countries. Over the course of the period, different companies have been importing them to the United States, which has led to its popularity in the local kitchens and restaurants. For the same reason, the popularity has widened up to bulk retailers as well as local grocery stores.

Given this point, importing Marcona almonds to the United States is a pretty high cost, leading to expensive price tags. Even more, marcona almonds are not readily available, and higher demand has led to higher prices at the stores that stock these almonds.

Marcona Almonds – What Are These?

To begin with, these are the special and gourmet almonds with a sweet flavor. Generally, people confuse them with macadamia nuts, but they are different nuts. However, we do want to add that the texture is pretty similar and tends to be plumper and rounder. These almonds are perfect for snacking, but you can also add them to the recipes and salads. In case you are concerned about the nutrients, they are pretty similar to regular almonds, and the only difference is texture and flavor.

When it comes down to the flavor, Marcona almonds tend to be moister and sweeter. In addition, they are much softer are compared to woody almonds. What we love about these almonds is that the texture and flavor are buttery. As for the aroma, it is pretty delicate, which adds amazing flavor and aroma to baked products. In case you are concerned about the availability, they are available in fried, roasted, and raw forms.

On top of everything, Marcona almonds are also available in the seasoned form, and the common seasonings include smoked paprika, rosemary, and truffle. These almonds can be eaten just as you would use the conventional almonds, but the mouth-feel is much more appealing. Given this unique flavor profile, it’s safe to say Marcona almonds will transform the regular dish into a special one. We suggest that you use these almonds after sautéing them in oil or torte them,

As for the usage, you can add them to crepe in chopped form, add them whole in baked products, and they make a great garnish for salads. However, if you want to do it Spanish way, you can serve Marcona almonds with cheese. In particular, we love baked brie with these gourmet almonds and will add a sophisticated touch. Moreover, you can simply mix them with spiced nuts and munch on them on your movie night. Some people have been making an almond tart with a much decadent flavor, and almond macaroons taste so amazing.


Since Marcona almonds are so expensive, you don’t want to ruin them just because you didn’t know the right storage method. To begin with, you should buy Marcona almonds from reputed grocery stores because they tend to have fresh stock. Once you have bought the almonds, store them in an airtight container in a dry and cool place. Keep in mind the moisture and oil content of these almonds make them delicious, but they can become rancid. For this reason, you need to check the sell-by date and ensure proper storage.

If you store them the right way, they will remain fresh for months but make sure to save them from humidity and heat. Moreover, you can always store them in the fridge to extend the shelf life. Also, keep them away from moisture because they can grow mold, and your hard-earned money will be wasted.

To summarize, the Marcona almonds are expensive because they are a gourmet variety and are only available in Spain. Similarly, other countries have to import them, which increases the price.

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