White Truffle Or Black Truffle More Expensive

white truffle or black truffle more expensive
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white truffle or black truffle more expensive

Truffle is a fungus mainly known for its high price tag. The cost of truffles whether it is a black truffle or white truffle is always at its peak. The high price of truffles often concerns many of its users due to which many people have questions about the two main varieties of truffles. One of the most frequently asked questions about the two types of truffles is whether “White truffle or Black truffle more expensive?”

If you are also interested to know the answer to such a question, then we highly recommend you to thoroughly read our article.

White Truffle Or Black Truffle More Expensive

Though both types of truffles are expensive but white truffle is more expensive than black truffles. There are several reasons behind such price differences which we are going to discuss below.

  1. Different Flavors

Even though the basic taste of truffles resembles mushrooms and garlic. However, they are considered to be more earthy, nutty, and musky in taste. In addition to this taste of a typical truffle, black and white truffles have distinct flavors from each other which is a key factor for their price difference.

White truffles have a more enhanced and in-depth earthy and musky flavor which quickly triggers the tastebuds once they enter your mouth. They also have a touch of sweetness. Also, the aroma of white truffles is much more intense as compared to black truffles. Due to the intensity of taste in white truffle, they are usually sprinkled on top of the dish to prevent the unbalanced flavor in the dish. They are usually shaved on top of the dishes uncooked.

On the other hand, black truffle may require slight cooking and heat to coax the maximum flavor and aroma. Black truffle is much subtle and versatile in taste due to which it is usually used in culinary applications. Also, the black truffles are much smoother in texture as compared to white truffles.

  1. Place Of Growth

Truffles require well-drained, alkaline soil to grow properly. They grow around the roots of some particular trees in a specific environment. Moisture level needs to be high, and the growth is much better in hotter areas.

White truffles are exceedingly difficult to find as they are extremely rare. They are typically grown in Italy. These truffles grow in specific locations. Also, it is quite a struggle to grow these fungi in any other area. On the other hand, black truffles can be easily grown in many places due to which they are effortlessly available worldwide.

  1. Season Of Growth

The white truffles usually grow during a period ranging from September to December. On the contrary, black truffles are grown from December to February. Some species of black truffles are also grown in summer. This means that white truffles have a limited period of growth. While many species of black truffles can be grown in summers as well as in winters which makes them available throughout the year.

  1. Lifespan Of White And Black Truffles

Truffles have a short life span. They soon start to lose their aroma once they are removed from the soil. It is worth mentioning the fact that white truffles will last for around five days only. On the other hand, black truffles can last for about a week. Therefore, it is recommended to use them quickly. However, if you take proper care of truffles, they might last about two more days than their normal lifespan.

  1. Aroma

Unlike the black truffle, which has a long-lasting aroma, the aroma of white truffle does not last long and soon disappears. Therefore, they are served in the form of slices on top of many dishes such as potato dishes, pasta, chicken, or some luxury Italian or European dishes.

The Bottom Line

The two types of truffles I.e., black and white truffles are considered to be one of the most expensive foods all over the world. However, white truffles are much expensive compared to black truffles. This is because of the fact that white truffles have a shorter life span. If you wish to learn more, we highly encourage you to give this article a read.

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