White Spots On Raisins: Have Your Raisins Gone Bad?

white spots on raisins
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white spots on raisins

Raisins are absolute snacks for people who have a sweet tooth and are concerned about nutrition. Raisins are actually the dried grapes that are enriched with flavor and nutrition. On the other hand, some people are wondering about the white spots on raisins. So, let’s see what it is all about!

White Spots on Raisins

There are various types of raisins out there with different colors. To begin with, there are golden raisins and black raisins. On the contrary, the white spots can be persistent on both raisin variants. However, if you are wondering if white spots on raisins are safe or not, we are here to share the information. Basically, when the grapes are dried, they are coated with powdered sugar by the manufacturing company. The powdered sugar enhances the shelf life.

They coat raisins with sugar powder for adding texture to the raisins. However, raisins are already rich in sugar and calorie content, so sugar coating will only increase the sugar content. With this being said, the sugar-coated raisins will have white spots; these spots will be in the form of small specks. On the other hand, if the white spots look like mold, it might be possible that you didn’t store the raisins properly.

Storing The Raisins

Generally, white spots on raisins are powdered sugar. On the contrary, if you don’t store raisins properly, it can grow mold; mold will have white color as well. With this being said, we are sharing the storage tips for raisins. In case you are using regular or golden raisins, keeping them in a cool, dark, and dry place will be optimal because moisture can lead to mold growth. In addition, such storage ensures protection from extreme light and heat, hence no drying out.

For this purpose, you could try using the pantry but you can also opt for the dark cabinet of your kitchen. In simpler words, keep the raisins away from the stove or kitchen basin. In addition, always store raisins in the sealed bags; you could try storing the raisins in the packet that it comes in, but with a tight seal, of course.

Shelf Life Of Raisins

Raisins have an extremely long shelf life but it will still not last years. Keep in mind that raisins are perishable and can degrade. The raisins packet will have an expiration date, so it’s the estimate of how long the raisins will last. If you store them as we suggested, the raisins will stay fresh and safe to consume months past the expiry date. In simpler words, store the raisins after opening the packet in the airtight jars.

Have Your Raisins Gone Bad?

You need to look for the signs on raisins to see if they have gone bad. The first sign should be an off odor but it might have changed colors as well. In addition, if there is organic growth on raisins or mold, the raisins have officially gone bad and are not safe for consumption. If raisins look fine, you can taste them to ensure they are safe to eat.

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