Whirlpool Washer Agitates But Won’t Spin: 9 Fixes

whirlpool washer agitates but won't spin
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whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin

Laundry is an undeniable part of our daily life. Truth be told, the laundry experience largely depends on the machines that you use, and a Whirlpool washer is a great option. These washers have become pretty famous since it offers high-end cleaning of the clothes.

On the other hand, some people have been complaining about Whirlpool washer agitates but won’t spin. For this reason, we are sharing the list of solutions to fix the spinning issue of the Whirlpool washer!

Whirlpool Washer Agitates But Won’t Spin

1) Jammed Or Unbalanced Clothes

The Whirlpool washers are designed to clean the clothes, but clothes can sometimes jam. In addition to getting jammed, unbalanced placement of clothes can be the reason behind the washer not spinning. This is because the unbalanced clothes can lead to walking or shuddering of the washer. If this seems to be the case, you need to open the washer’s lid, take out the clothes, and reposition them in the washer.

While you are repositioning the clothes, you must ensure that the clothes are balanced. You must place the clothing pieces one by one and place them all around the washer. When you’ve checked that clothes are not unbalanced or jammed in the washer, you need to check the washer’s feet. You must ensure that the feet are properly adjusted to ensure the washer has a stable sitting level.

2) Lid Switch

Whirlpool washers are designed with the lid switch and the tab on the lid which is used to strike the lid switch. In case the tab is broken (it’s plastic), it might be the reason why your washer is not spinning or having halted spinning.

You need to press the lid switch and see if it clicks when it’s released. If it doesn’t click, the lid switch is broken and needs to be replaced. You must ensure that the lid switch is sourced from authentic vendors or suppliers.

3) Level The Washer

The Whirlpool washer will agitate but won’t spin if it’s not positioned evenly. These washers are designed with an adjustable pedestal and need to be positioned evenly on them. So, it’s best to look for the unleveled parts of the washer.

For instance, if the washer is making excessive vibration and noise during the cycle, it’s because the washer is not leveled up. For this purpose, you need to adjust the legs of the washer either lower or higher until it gets to the level.

4) Power Source

If the washer is still not spinning even after agitation, you need to check the power source. You must double-check the washer and see if it’s plugged in properly. Keep in mind that a certain jiggle or bumps can cause the plug to come out from the power source.

That being said, check the plug and see if it’s plugged into the power source correctly. In addition, if the power source is connected correctly, do check if the breaker hasn’t tripped (you can check the circuit panel of your home for this purpose).

5) Extension Cord

Whirlpool washers are designed with a heavy-duty power cord which means it won’t work if you plug it in the extension cord. This is because the extension cords cannot conduct such excessive electricity for powering the washer. In addition, it can lead to stunted functionality of the washer and overheating as well.

That being said, if you are using the extension cord, you have to take it off and connect the power plug directly to the power outlet. When you connect the Whirlpool washer power cord to the power outlet, there are chances that the washer starts spinning. Also, if you cannot move the washer closer to the power outlet, you have to install a new power outlet.

6) Spin Switch

If you are using the top-loading washer, you will see a protrusion on the lid’s underside, which depresses the switches when the lid is closed. In case the protrusion is bent or isn’t in the optimal shape, it will cause triggering issues and won’t spin. To illustrate, you can open the lid, choose the spin cycle of the Whirlpool washer, and depress the switch with your finger.

If the washer starts spinning, you have to re-bend the protrusion as it can trigger the spin switch normally. In some cases, you can also replace the spin switch if it’s broken. We suggest that you consult the washer manual for details. All in all, fixing the spin switch should fix the spinning issue.

7) Check The Hose

If the hose is kinked up, it can be the culprit behind the Whirlpool washer not spinning. This is because such a hose can hinder the flow of water. For the most part, it starts the spinning cycle, but it won’t pick up the desired speed and won’t drain water either. To fix this issue, you have to pull out the Whirlpool washer and make sure the hose is cleaned up. On the contrary, if there is some dirt or kink in the hose, you have to clean it up.

8) Drainage System’s Blockage

When doing laundry, there are chances that the buttons, pennies, clothing clips, or keys can get into the drainage system of the Whirlpool washer. If these components are lodged in the hose, it will cause the spinning issue. Believe it or not, the blocked drainage can prevent spinning. For fixing this issue, you have to move the washer around and access the drain pump. Once you reach the drain pump, you have to clear the lodge, and it will fix the spinning issue. In case you have to take off the washer’s back. It is better to call the technician.

9) Drive Belt 

Believe it or not, if the drive belt is not in the right place or is broken, it can lead to spinning issues. For this purpose, you will need to detach the washer’s back and see if the belt is connected to the pulley. In case it’s not in the right place, you will have to replace the drive belt.

However, while purchasing the replacement for the drive belt, make sure that you choose the drive belt from Whirlpool. Also, make sure that the drive belt is for your washer’s model.

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