Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 Oven Not Heating: 6 Fixes

whirlpool super capacity 465 oven not heating
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whirlpool super capacity 465 oven not heating

Whirlpool is a big name in producing a wide range of appliances. Their dedicated products are loved by their loyal customers. Whirlpool has not only made its name in automatic washing machines but also in ovens. So, they cater to the various needs of your loved ones.

Some reviews across the internet show that whirlpool has done well when it comes to kitchen appliances. However, like any electronic machine, whirlpool ovens can get a problem. Whirlpool super capacity 465 oven not heating is a common problem. Customers who brought this model faced this issue.

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 Oven Not Heating

If you know your way around ovens, then try some of the following fixes. First, you need to see what is causing the main problem.

1) Ignitor

The first thing you should investigate is the ignitor. The ignitor opens the safety valve and then heats the oven burner. A defective ignitor does not have the power to open the valve. Observe if the ignitor is glowing for more than 90 seconds without causing a gas flame. In such a case, the ignitor is weak. So, you should replace the ignitor.

2) Bake Element

If you find out that the ignitor is working well, then check the bake element. When the bake element is not glowing red hot, it shows there is a problem with it.

Use a multimeter to test the continuity of both the ignitor and bake element, replace them if you do not see the continuity.

3) Spark Electrode

If you have the knack for working on electrical appliances, dig deeper. Sometimes the bake or the broil spark electrode may be showing some problem. The electrode is responsible for igniting the gas. First, check if the electrode is in good condition.

The second point is a bit technical. When the voltage reaches the oven and the burner ignites, there must be proper grounding and right polarity.

4) Safety Valve

We talked about the safety valve earlier. The ignitor has to open the valve and then heat the oven. So, what if there is a problem with the safety valve itself? You gotta replace it. However, it is advisable to see if there is any other problem rather than this one. 

5) Control Board

The control board is like the brain signals. It sends input (voltage) to the bake and broil circuits. If there is a problem in relaying the signals from the control board to the circuits, the heating components will not work. So, first, you have to confirm that the heating components are in working condition. If yes, then you might have to replace the control board.

6) Thermal Fuse

Just like electric circuit and fuse trips, the thermal fuse can trip under load. You would need a multimeter to see if the thermal fuse is the culprit.

So, if your whirlpool oven 465 is not heating up, it may be because of many reasons. You have to check which thing is causing the problem. If you are unable to find the issue, call for an expert. They can get the thing done professionally.

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