3 Ways To Solve Whirlpool Microwave Sparks Inside Problem

whirlpool microwave sparks inside
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whirlpool microwave sparks inside

Microwaves offer a quick way of reheating your food. Through a microwave, people are allowed to reheat any leftover or stored food that might have gone cold. Food can be reheated and enjoyed only in a matter of minutes thanks to a microwave.

How to Solve Whirlpool Microwave Sparks Inside?

While using a microwave should be quite simple and straightforward, some people have complained about seeing a spark inside the microwave as soon as they turn it on. There’s no denying seeing a spark in any electrical appliance is very alarming and should be dealt with immediately.

However, if you have experienced something similar, then you don’t have to start panicking. Today, we will be using this article in order to tell you all the different ways of troubleshooting Whirlpool microwave sparks inside. So, if you want to learn more about how you can fix this spark coming out of your microwave, then we suggest you keep on reading!

  1. Metal Inside Microwave

Keeping metal inside your microwave can make it spark as it shouldn’t be put inside the microwave in the first place. Even placing a small metallic object can cause a microwave to generate a spark. Similarly, if your food has any sort of foil inside it, the microwave will spark.

This is also one of the reasons why you should never place items like a spoon or a food tin inside a microwave. You will have to make sure that there isn’t any metal scrap inside the microwave.

  1. Faulty Waveguide cover

In case you don’t have much idea on what’s a waveguide, it is a panel found inside most microwaves that helps preheat or cook your food in the first place. The heat is projected through this panel.

This leads us to believe that there could be an issue with the waveguide cover, as a faulty waveguide cover can lead to steam and food particles building inside the unit. This can be further confirmed if you notice the spark to come from the panel.

  1. Faulty or Burnt Diode

Although this is highly unlikely, the reason why your microwave generated a spark could also be due to the fact that there’s a faulty or burnt diode inside the microwave. The main use of a diode is to help create waves inside a microwave which helps in heating your food. If the diode is burnt or faulty, seek professional help and get it replaced.

The Bottom Line

In case your Whirlpool microwave generates sparks inside, here are some of the best-known solutions that you can try. If the issue seems to persist, then your best bet would be to contact or seek professional help. The fault could be technical which is why you will have to either contact customer support or call in a professional.

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