3 Ways To Solve Whirlpool Ice Maker Leaking Water Into Ice Bin

whirlpool ice maker leaking water into ice bin
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whirlpool ice maker leaking water into ice bin

Ice makers have become the ultimate appliance for people who tend to use more ice. In fact, some advanced refrigerators are designed with built-in ice makers to create a full-spectrum experience for the users. However, it is quite a sensitive appliance which is why many people complain about the Whirlpool ice maker leaking water into the ice bin. In case you are using the Whirlpool ice maker and have the same issue, we are sharing some solutions with you!

How to Fix Whirlpool Ice Maker Leaking Water Into Ice Bin?

Water Lines & Connections

The ice makers are designed with special pipes for letting the water come in to make ice. For the most part, these water lines are extremely thin that is connected to your home’s water supply. In the majority of cases, this supply runs under the sink and attaches to the backside of the ice maker. That being said, you need to track the supply and pay attention to the connections. Make sure that the pipes are in intact form and don’t have any damages. If the connections or pipes are damaged, they must be replaced. In addition to the damages, make sure that tubes and pipes don’t have any buildup (it will be easier since you only need to clear the buildup).

Jammed Ice

Once you have taken one point out, the next consideration is jammed ice. When it comes down to the ice maker, it has the capacity to have ice buildup since they have to make huge chunks of ice. The biggest problem is that a bit of ice can melt and create a bigger chunk of ice and get stuck in the ice. As a result, the new ice won’t have the place to move farther and will eventually start leaking. So, if jammed ice is a potential issue, you need to break it up. In case of buildup in the door chute, you can simply use a wooden spoon to break up the ice. Remember, you might need to apply some force but don’t go overboard as it might break the chute.

Condensation Drains

The condensation drains are designed to drain out the excess water and melted ice away from the ice maker compartment to make sure everything remains clean. It is common for the ice makers to start up the defrost cycle after a few days to melt off the ice buildup. On the other hand, if the condensation drains freeze up, they won’t be able to drain out the water and ice. As a result, it will start leaking drop by drop. For this reason, you have to locate the condensation drains and see if there is an ice layer around – if there is, that’s something you need to focus on. We suggest that you use a blow dryer to melt off the ice and it will start operating normally.

To summarize, these three are common issues behind a leaking ice maker, and focusing on them is likely to fix the issue for you. However, if your Whirlpool ice maker is in warranty, it’s time to call customer support for professional assistance.

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