3 Ways To Fix Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator Leaking Water Inside

whirlpool gold refrigerator leaking water inside
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whirlpool gold refrigerator leaking water inside

Whirlpool is a well-known brand that deals with various electronic appliances required in a kitchen. Among these appliances, the Whirlpool Gold refrigerator is very popular. However, many users are facing problems regarding the refrigerator such as the “Whirlpool Gold refrigerator leaking water inside.”

If you are also facing such problems, then our article will provide you with some amazing troubleshooting methods that will help you get rid of these problems.

Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator Leaking Water Inside

  1. Damaged Water Filter

The water filter plays a significant role in a refrigerator. They do an excellent job of removing all kinds of impurities from the water. However, a damaged water filter or simply clogged filter may cause the water to leak inside the refrigerator from the refrigerator’s dispenser or from the interior filter compartment. This may cause considerable damage to the refrigerator.

To prevent such situations, it is highly recommended to thoroughly clean the water filter after a few days to make sure that it does not clog and cause water to leak inside the fridge. The time period between cleaning the filter may also increase the amount of dirt, dust, and other harmful contaminants inside the water.

In case the filter has been damaged, then we would recommend you replace it with a new water filter as it cannot be repaired. However, the quality of the filter must be taken into account while buying a new filter for your refrigerator.

An incorrect installation of the filter may also cause the water to leak inside the refrigerator. Therefore, read the manual carefully while installing the water filter.

  1. Clogged Defrost Drain

Inside the refrigerator, a small indentation lies behind the back wall of the refrigerator and sometimes in the freezer compartment. This indentation is called the defrost drain. It drains all the water and ice that is present in the walls of the refrigerator and freezer and stores it. This means that it may contain all the debris, food, and dirt present on the walls of the refrigerator compartments. This waste material may cause the defrost drain to clog.

In order to unclog the drain, use a cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap to clean the drain. Then, pour a small quantity of hot boiling water along with some vinegar into the drain. This may clean the clogging.

Furthermore, to prevent the drain from clogging again, we highly recommend you clean the refrigerator at least once a week. Also, make sure not to store overloaded food inside the fridge that may cause the drain to clog.

  1. Water Line Leakage

Another reason for water to leak inside the refrigerator is water line leakage. You might be wondering how to know if the water is leaking inside the refrigerator is because of a damaged water line?

The presence of crystals and ice in the leaking water confirms that the leakage is because of water line issues. Check if your situation fits perfectly with the discussed scenario. If the water line is damaged, then it cannot be repaired. Therefore, replacement of the water line is needed. Also, make sure to install the system properly to avoid the problem occurring again.

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