4 Ways To Fix Whirlpool Fridge Not Making Ice

whirlpool fridge not making ice
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whirlpool fridge not making ice

Having a refrigerator at your home can be amazing. This provides you with lots of space to store all of your items. These are then kept cold to prevent them from going bad. There are tons of other features that a fridge can come with. Although, these will depend on what company you are purchasing the product from. Whirlpool is a famous company from America that is known for producing some of the best fridges.

There are tons of lineups that you can choose from. Most of the standard fridge also has a small compartment in them which is used to freeze stuff. While these are amazing to use at your home.

Some users have been complaining that their Whirlpool fridge is not making ice. If you are also getting the same issue then you might be quite annoyed. This is why we will be using this article to help you in getting rid of this problem.

How to Fix Whirlpool Fridge Not Making Ice?

  1. Whirlpool Fridge Ice Maker Switch Not Turned On

As mentioned above, there are tons of models that have come out from Whirlpool. All of these have different features on them which makes it hard to pin down the exact reason for this problem. Although, you can start with the most common reason that is also quite easy to fix.

The older fridges from Whirlpool was equipped with a small switch that was used to enable and disable the ice maker in your fridge. This was later on removed by the company and replaced by electronic controls.

Although, in case your fridge does have this ice maker switch on it. You have to enable it before the device can start making ice in it. If you are having trouble trying to locate this button then look around the ice maker. You can also consult the manual that your fridge came with. This should contain information about where the switch is and how you can enable it. Once done, you can then proceed to check the water dispenser. Make sure that this is supplying water to the ice maker. If it is then you should be able to fix your problem and start using the ice maker.

  1. Check Temperature on Your Device

If you had already switched on the ice maker switch on your device but were still getting the same issue. Then the problem might be from the temperature within your fridge instead. Keep in mind that both the freezer and fridge have different temperature controls.

Considering this, you might have not set the temperature for your freezer correctly. Alternatively, in some cases, the user can accidentally change it or reset it. This can also stop both the freezer and ice maker to stop working.

You should access the control panel to check your settings. Now switch on to the freezer tab and adjust the temperature. This should be set to around -0.5 Degrees Fahrenheit. You can try around temperatures nearby this value but make sure that you do not go lower or higher. This is because the freezing point for water is around this value and going higher will prevent water from freezing. On the other hand, you might think that the lowest temperature will be best for your device. But this can start to freeze ice all-around your freezer clogging up the vents. This will also make it hard for you to eject the ice and remove it.  

  1. Check Supply of Water

Sometimes the Whirlpool fridge not making any ice can be due to problems with your water supply instead of the ice maker itself. This is quite common as there is a requirement for water to be supplied to your ice maker before it can start making ice. Even if water is being supplied to the system, the quantity for it might not be enough. This usually happens when the water supply is only supplying little amounts of water to the ice maker. This can be due to several reasons which include issues with the hose.

Alternatively, there might be a defective part or clog in your equipment. You will have to troubleshoot your water supply to see what part is giving the problem. Most clogs can be easily removed by taking off the hose and cleaning them. Although, if there are any faulty parts then you will have to get them replaced. You should confirm what is causing the issue before ordering any new parts.

You should also check the support for these new parts before ordering them. This is because installing incompatible parts might work but have a chance of breaking the device. As for the water filters, these have to be replaced every 6 months at maximum to prevent them from getting clogged. If you had forgotten this step then make sure that you install new filters. This will fix the problem you were getting with your water supply.

  1. Ice Maker Might Be Jammed

If you had temperature problems with your device or if there was an outage recently. Then you should note that sometimes water that was not completely frozen can come out of the ice maker. While this should not be a problem to use this ice as it will get frozen eventually. You should note that some of this can get stuck to the arm of your ice maker.

Once it freezes, the ice maker will start to collect more of this. Eventually, the equipment will get jammed preventing it from making any more ice cubes. Considering this, the equipment might be perfectly fine, but the reason there is no ice coming out can simply be because the passage is blocked. You can chip away this stuck ice to remove it.

Once done, the ice maker should start working again and resume making ice. One thing to keep in mind is that you use a plastic object when chipping ice from the ice maker. Metal utensils can damage the equipment which can be quite dangerous. Whirlpool usually provides its users with a small plastic utensil that can be used to remove the ice. You can use it if you still have access to it. If not, then you should order once as removing ice from your fridge is a common occurrence and you will need it.

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