Whirlpool Double Oven Display Not Working: How To Fix?

whirlpool double oven display not working
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whirlpool double oven display not working

Ready to almost put your cake in the oven? But it turns out that the oven display is not working? If that’s the case, no need to panic. First of all, this is not something you need to worry about. It’s pretty standard for the Whirlpool double oven to have minor glitches in its working system. This doesn’t mean you need a new oven or that there’s something seriously wrong with your oven.

Whirlpool Double Oven Display Not Working

Here are a few things that might help you figure out why your Whirlpool double oven display is not working.

The screen beeps every time you press a button, but the display is blank?

If that is the case, try switching off the oven and switching it on again. If that doesn’t fix it, then there’s something wrong with the power supply, or you might have switched on the timer.

Check the “Sabbath/No display” settings.

Carefully read the owner’s manual before pressing your Panic button. Whirlpool double oven has a setting called “Sabbath” or “no display” mode. If this accidentally activates, and there’s a chance this might have happened with your oven too. Then, read the owner manual and follow the steps to exit out of the “Sabbath mode.”

Did you accidentally put the timer on?

If the timer gets on, the whirlpool oven automatically stops functioning. Make sure you check the timer settings and turn them off.

If that doesn’t work, maybe the electric board needs a change.

Usually, when electrically operated ovens like the Whirlpool double oven don’t get adequate voltage, they start acting up. Open the motherboard and look for a circuit fuse. Remember, if you’re not well equipped to do this, always let a qualified electrician do the job. If you see a fuse, a change of circuit fixes the problem.

Where to get a new circuit board from?

If you figure, there’s something wrong with the circuit board. Call the official Whirlpool oven helpline and let them know about the problem you’re facing. Try not to replace the capacitor or fix the Circuit board on your own.

The helpline will either send a representative of their own or guide you through the correct procedure to fix your oven.

Still can’t figure out what’s wrong with your whirlpool oven’s display? Then it’s about time you thoroughly read the instruction manual that comes with the stove. Go through the display section. Make sure you understand how the “Timer settings” work.

Follow the steps in the manual. If it’s not the timer settings, look up the “No display/Sabbath mode”. Step by step, undo the settings. Your display would come back if either of these settings accidentally got activated.

If it’s not the settings, then it could be the voltage supply. A classical pattern of circuit board malfunction leads to no display, but the oven keeps beeping every time you open the oven door. Suppose that’s the case, then you know what to do. If neither of these solutions seems to work, call the helpline and seek professional help.

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