What To Do With Old Eggs?

what to do with old eggs
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what to do with old eggs

Sometimes we often forget the items in our fridge sitting uselessly. For example, eggs. We understand that consuming old eggs can bring you quite discomfort in the stomach which is why you have to check and use them accordingly. These little forgotten boxes of eggs can be consumed or not? We will discuss that in our post.

Eggs are best to eat when they are fresh. Keeping your stock of eggs hanging in the fridge for days steals away the freshness and tenderness of eggs. However, if you have forgotten to consume the eggs you bought a few days or weeks back in the hidden corner of your refrigerator and they have passed their expiry date. Then you must be wondering what to do with these old eggs. In this article, we will walk you through a few things you can do with old eggs. Read on.

Before we go on to talk about things to do with old eggs, let’s reassure if the eggs are actually bad or it is just your speculations.

Is It Okay To Eat Old Eggs?

No one would ever tell you to consume the old items, especially the items that have expired their “use by XYZ date”. So it is never okay to eat such items. However, when it comes to eggs. You have multiple options. There is a fine difference between bad eggs and expired eggs. Sometimes your eggs can even go bad before its expiry date. To check if it is okay to eat old eggs, you have to conduct a float test.

To perform a float test, simply fill a medium-sized bowl with water. Now gently settle down the eggs into the bowl. If the eggs sink below, it means they are fresh. And if the eggs tilted up to float on the upper surface. The chances are that your eggs have gone bad.

Now that you know what eggs are actually bad, let’s know a few things to do with these.

What To Do With Old Eggs?

Keeping the fact open in mind that fresh eggs are best to fry and to fancy your evening or morning tea with omelets, you can in no way use old eggs in your omelets.

Remember that old eggs, but not expired eggs are best to make boiled eggs. When the shell of the eggs get hard with time, it keeps getting ideal for boiling purposes. Hard-boil the eggs and chop them with salt and pepper to eat as a healthy, protein-full snack.

Also, the old eggs are hard to get hit by your pan and break. This makes them ideal for boiling.

However, if the eggs have gone really bad. You can still feed them to birds. How? Hard-boil them and then drop them in a food processor along with the shells. Later, the mixture can be good food for your birds.

You may also peel the shells easily off of your eggs by sinking them in a cold water bowl before peeling them.

That’s it. This is everything you can do with old eggs.


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