What is the Rack in an Instant Pot For?

what is the rack in the instant pot for
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what is the rack in the instant pot for

Instant Pots have started to become more and more popular, and it must be said that this popularity is earned. They are great appliances that pretty much anyone would love to have in the kitchen. They are easy to use and have all sorts of applications when it comes to cooking. Because of this, you might’ve bought one of them for your kitchen as well. If you’ve recently bought an Instant Pot, you might notice that there are a lot of parts that you can attach and use with the pot. One of these parts is the rack which is actually a pretty convenient addition.

What is the Rack in the Instant Pot For?

People who have recently bought and used an Instant Pot for the first time tend to ask this question quite frequently. This is due to the fact that the actual manual that you’ll get when you purchase the pot doesn’t say much about what the rack is for and how you can use it. Fortunately, it isn’t anything too complicated. The rack isn’t a vital part of the Instant Pot, but it is still a convenient addition which allows you to do multiple different things.

The main use of the rack is pretty straightforward.  It is used to elevate the food that you’re trying to cook inside of the Instant Pot. This is very helpful as it ensures that all the food inside of the pot is cooked as evenly as possible. It is also a great addition for anyone looking to eat healthier meals. This is due to the fact that the rack is capable of draining the fats, oil, and grease away from the food. It is also used by some people to hold the food directly above the water. This ensures that the food is only being cooked by the steam and doesn’t come into contact with the water itself.

It is also pretty easy to use and safe as well. There is a large handle that allows you to carefully place it in or out of the pot at any given moment. This makes it completely safe to use and will ensure that you won’t harm yourself when adjusting the rack. On top of making sure that you stay safe, the design of this rack also ensures that it stays free from damage as well. It is made with steel that is both stainless and resistant against corrosion. This means that you’ll be able to use the rack for a long time without having to worry about it getting damaged.


As you can see, there are a couple of different uses for the rack that comes with your Instant Pot. On top of being effective and convenient, the rack is also durable and safe to use. Even if it breaks, you can purchase a new rack separately at any time from select stores or through your browser. It is surely a great addition that most find very helpful.

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