What Is A POW Wok? (Answered)

what is a pow wok
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what is a pow wok

There is different sort of woks out there and you can use them for a number of dishes as well on the same time. All you will need to know is what the wok is best for and that will certainly be enhancing the overall experience for you. POW wok is one such wok that is used by multiple chefs and cooking specialists across the globe and a few things that you might need to know about the POW Wok to understand it better would be:

What is a POW Wok?

POW Wok is a wok that has a single long handle on it and is not bigger than 6-7” in diameter. It is mainly used for the smaller gas stoves and burners that have a flame on it and you get to enjoy a safer and better experience of cooking on the POW Wok with a burner. It has a sphere-like shape and inside is deep with sides growing upwards. That allows you to have more volume inside the wok and you can simply enjoy a better cooking experience since you will be getting more space to cook what you need to. There are some POW woks that come with a flat bottom as well, but most of them have a round bottom and you will need to choose the one that will fit your needs and cooking style in a better manner.

POW wok is mostly in black color since it is designed to take the direct heat from a burner and flames and there is no point to make it shiny or chrome. A few other things that you might need to know about the POW wok might be:

What Is It Used For?

POW wok is used for cooking multiple cuisines and dishes, but it is most loved by those Asian chefs who cook Chinese recipes. The reason is pretty simple and this one Wok can be used for preparing soups, noodles, or any veggies and there is no problem that you will ever have to face on it. In addition to all that, you will also get to enjoy the right edge of perfection since you can flip what you are cooking in the POW Wok pretty easily like you flip an omelet in a frying pan. Moving forward, you can also use it to stir fry, and for a number of other possible cooking applications that you might have on your mind.

The handle makes it easier for you to handle the wok properly and that way POW Wok is perfect for a number of cuisines and chefs out there. The handle is made out of bamboo wood on traditional POW Woks that make it easier for you to handle it, but there are also some POW woks out there with plastic handle or some other type of wood is used on them for manufacturing the handle and you can simply enjoy the right experience that you might be looking for with a POW wok of your choice.

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