What Happened To Egg Bagels? (Answered)

what happened to egg bagels
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what happened to egg bagels

For everyone with a sweet tooth, egg bagels were always the ultimate guilty pleasure. It has always been famous as the sweet holiday bread featuring eggs. However, people haven’t been able to get their hands on egg bagels lately and kept asking, “What happened to egg bagels?” If you are wondering the same, let’s check out the details!

What Happened To Egg Bagels?

Egg Bagels – What Are These?

It is important to understand what egg bagels are, so let’s check out this information. To begin with, the traditional bagel dough doesn’t have eggs, and they have gotten their name from the eggs in the mixture (eggs are added right before baking). The egg bagels have sugar and yellow food color. In older times, bagels were a combination of salt, flour, yeast, and water but egg bagel is the modern recipe. The bagels were first made in Central and East Europe, and they were sold as street food.

Those bagels didn’t have sugar and eggs as they were considered expensive ingredients. That being said, egg bagels were made in America because they were looking for soft goods, and ever since then, it has become the most classic option. Egg bagels tend to have rich flavor and are slightly sweet, but the texture is the biggest difference. Egg bagels are known for their puffy and soft texture, and they have replaced the old yet chewy bagels. In addition, they have a fine crumbling structure.

Why Can’t You Find Egg Bagels?

Recently, people have been unable to find egg bagels because it looks that street food has vanished from the face of the earth. To begin with, there are no carts around selling the egg bagels anymore. Honestly, it has been because of COVID-19 because containing the virus was essential, and it could result in the spread of COVID-19. However, if you weren’t able to find an egg beagle even before that, there is no possible explanation for that.

For the most part, people in Los Angeles haven’t been able to find them, but checking some bakeries in the city could help. This is because some small bakeries are still making these classic desserts, and you will be able to find some there. In addition to these small bakeries, you can also opt for Lenders. This is because they have an extensive range of refrigerated bagels, and they have egg bagels available. In addition to egg bagels, you can get plain bagels, French toast bagels, blueberry bagels, and onion bagels (yes, there are some savory options available). In fact, their bagels have an authentic flavor and have a fresh and delicious aroma.

To summarize, egg bagels have been around for quite a long time, but now people are unable to find them around. Honestly, no one knows the reason for now, but there are some small bakeries selling them as we have already mentioned. In addition, you can visit Lander’s to get your hands on some delicious egg bagels as well as other. Not to forget, you can always bake some bagels at home, so there are various options to satisfy your egg bagel cravings!

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