4 Ways To Fix Wemo Crock Pot Won’t Connect To WiFi

wemo crock pot won't connect to wifi
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wemo crock pot won’t connect to wifi

Do you like using your Wemo Crock pot? Ever faced a situation where your wemo crock pot won’t connect to WiFi? What will you do in such circumstances? Stop using the wemo crock pot? Well, there’s no need to stop using the crock pot when you can simply troubleshoot the issues.

Here in this article, we have different solutionary steps listed for you to troubleshoot your wemo crock pot disconnection problems.

Wemo Crock Pot

Wemo crock pot has increased the compatibility of your regular crock pot majorly. Adding more to your advantage by their new crock pot’s amazing Wifi feature, it has made cooking a lot easier.

Using this feature, your regular crock pot is now wifi compatible. It means, it can use your home wifi network to follow your given cooking commands.

What To Do When Wemo Crock pot Won’t Connect to WiFi

Wemo crack pot makes it easy for you to connect your house with crock pot Wi-Fi network and you can easily control it by using the application which is made by wemo crack pot company and you can easily find it on google play as well as Appstore .

Many people point out the issue about Wi-Fi connectivity problem with the wemo crock pot. It could be caused by several reasons. So, we have got a list of stuff that you should try to resolve issues where your wemo Crock pot won’t connect to WiFi.

  1. Change the Wireless Channel of Your Router

Change your wireless connection channel can help you to prevent intrusion from other working routers in your area. when so many routers have been working on the same channel it makes the whole channel work slower than normal speed. So modify your wireless channel to a new ones can surely make your connection more powerful.

  1. Change The Device Connection Limit

One of the other option is to change the router internal setting in which you can check how many devices are connected with your routing device if the number of user are more then you should decrease the number of user which is using your wireless connection so that it might help you to make your connection more smooth and stable so the application of wemo crockpot can easily connect your crock pot with strong connection .

  1. Check If Your Connection Is Visible

Changing your connection’s settings also help to resolve the issue. Make sure that you always put your connection’s visibility switched on to be used on every device. Your wireless network (SSID) should always be broadcasting your internet connections to every device that is connected. And it should not be in invisible or hidden.

  1. Switch Off That Smart Network Feature

Sometimes what causes the problem of your wemo crock pot not connected to Wi-Fi is the smart network switch. It is a feature present in all the new cell phones. It switches off the wifi connection of your cell phone when the connectivity is not strong enough or the internet service is not available on your smartphone. So, if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection for your wemo crock pot, do make sure that you have turned off this smart network switch for good.

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