6 Common Weber SmokeFire Problems (Troubleshooting)

weber smokefire problems
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weber smokefire problems

For everyone fond of barbecue and grilled food, having a grill at home is essential. For this reason, people often opt for Weber because they have a wide range of grills available.

SmokeFire is one of the most promising grill options out there. However, there are some common Weber SmokeFire problems that we have mentioned below.

Also, we have got the troubleshooting methods for this purpose!

Weber SmokeFire Problems

1) Unable To Reach Temperature

When it comes down to the Weber SmokeFire, the majority of users complain about the temperature issues. This issue depicts that the grill doesn’t reach the desired or set temperature. For this reason, you will need to check the pellets.

That’s to say because pellet quality can directly influence the grill performance. It’s better that you invest in Weber pellets for promising performance.

Secondly, you could try checking for the app version. Weber SmokeFire can be connected and monitored through the Connect app. Similarly, people also use Connect app for controlling the temperature. So, make sure that the Connect app is updated so the grill operates optimally. If these methods don’t work, just contact customer support!

2) The Pellets Are Bunching In Hopper

Web SmokeFire is the pellet grill, to begin with. This grill is designed to offer ten to twelve grilling hours on a constant basis. That being said, the users have been complaining about the pellets bunching in the hopper. For resolving this issue, you will need to invest in the pellet slide. This is the accessory designed by Weber, which improves the feed angle.

When you add this accessory to SmokeFire, you will be able to get rid of the bunching issue. On the contrary, if the pellets are still bunching in the hopper, you must contact consumer support services. However, before you call customer service, make sure that you have installed this accessory correctly; you can use the instructional manual on Weber’s website.

3) Uneven Heating

It doesn’t matter which grill you are using; it must have an even heating design to ensure it perfectly cooks the food.  So, if the SmokeFire doesn’t have evenly heated surface, you need to check the preheating. The users must preheat the grill properly to ensure temperature buildup is even. In addition, while you are preheating the grill, make sure that you’ve closed the lid.

When you leave the lid open, the wind can disturb the heat or flame. As a result, the grill will have uneven temperature buildup. For this reason, you must never leave the lid open for a longer time period. All in all, just preheat the SmokeFire and keep the lid closed.

4) Flame Is Blowing On One Side

To be precise, the SmokeFire users have been complaining about flame blowing only on one side of the grill. This grill is designed to deliver automatic adjustment of heat to ensure that the grill is set to the right temperature. In case the lid is open, there are chances that wind is causing the flame to blow only on one side.

On the other hand, if the lid is closed and the flame is still blowing on one side, there are chances that the flame is not working properly. This is primarily because of the mechanical issue in the burner. That being said, it’s better that you call the technician, so he can fix the burner for you. However, if the grill is still in warranty, you must call Weber customer support to fix the burner.

5) Display Is Not Working

Weber SmokeFire is integrated with the display that helps keep an eye on the cooking progress. So, when the display doesn’t work, it can disrupt the cooking performance. If you are using SmokeFire in cold weather conditions, it’s best to wait for a few minutes.

This is because the display will need a few minutes to warm up. That being said, hit the knob and let the grill preheat at 200-degrees. As a result, the display will start working.

6) Display Is Hanging

In case the display on Weber SmokeFire is hanging or is frozen, you will need to reboot the grill. For this purpose, you must switch off the grill and keep it switched off for around thirty seconds. Once the thirty seconds are passed, switch on the grill, and the display will start operating properly.

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