Water In Bottom Of Dishwasher When Not In Use: 5 Fixes

water in bottom of dishwasher when not in use
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water in bottom of dishwasher when not in use

A dishwasher has made our lives so much easier. Through a dishwasher, people can wash multiple dishes at once without having to put in any extra efforts. Today, they are being widely used all around the world as multiple companies are selling it.

How to Fix Water in Bottom of Dishwasher When Not in Use?

A dishwasher usually works while making use of your sink. Water directly goes to the arms of the dishwasher through which it then sprays the water into the dishes that you have stored inside. While its functionality is quite simple, there are plenty of issues that may arise while operating a dishwasher.

Recently, there have been many users claiming about experiencing an issue with their dishwasher. According to their complaints, water gathers up in the bottom of the dishwasher when not in use. This is why we will be using this article to purely focus on how you can resolve the issue. So, let’s get right into it!

  1. Check for Clogs

One of the first things that you can check whenever facing the issue is to make sure that there aren’t any kind of clogs. If there are, then your dishwasher will face problems with the water not draining properly at all.

The reason why this may happen is due to blockage inside the dishwasher. To fix this, you will have to thoroughly clean all the possible parts and places where a blockage could cause water to gather up.

  1. Broken Parts

Another thing that you will have to look out for is that you don’t have any broken parts inside the dishwasher. This could also lead you to have such issues with the dishwasher.

Keep in mind that you wil have to inspect and check for any broken parts inside you dishwasher. In case you do notice a damaged part, you will have to get the parts replaced. Also, the parts could simply be dirty for which you will simply have to get them cleaned.

  1. Checking Valve of the Dishwasher

A valve is an important part of every dishwasher as it allows your dishwasher to  keep the pressure of the water. It is also responsible for making sure there is dirty water inside the dishwasher as it can result in dirty. This leads to the water backing up into the dishwasher from your sink once it has been drained.

To successfully check the dishwasher, you will have to disconnect drain hose from your dishwasher’s drain pump. Furthermore, you will have to check inside the drain hose and ensure there is nothing jammed or clogged inside the valve.

  1. Check the Dishwasher Filter

The dishwasher filters are another part of your dishwasher which are really important for making sure there is no water that gathers up inside it. To know where the dishwasher’s filters are, you will have to check the dishwasher’s user manual which should have the required details as to where the filters are located.

Once you have successfully located them, simply use a screwdriver in order to remove these filters. As soon as you do, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the filter s by rinsing it off with water. After you have cleaned them, install them back inside.

  1. Get Professional Help

If you haven’t had any luck with the dishwasher so far, then we highly suggest that you get professional help. You can either ask for customer support or hire a verified technician. Either way, you will have to get a professional have a better look at your case.

After taking a look at your dishwasher, the technician should be able to repair or suggest the solution to fix the issue for good.

The Bottom Line

Water in bottom of dishwasher when not in use? Here are all the effective ways on how you can easily fix the issue for good. Be sure that you follow each and every single one of the instructions mentioned in the article.

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