Viking Range Hood Light Bulb Replacement (Quick Guide)

viking range hood light bulb replacement
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viking range hood light bulb replacement

Viking range hood is one of the easiest units that you can manage in your kitchen. Even if you’re a beginner, it is quite easy to keep the grates in perfect condition. If you follow through with the care requirements on a monthly basis, it will be effortless to maintain the original look of the unit. 

There have been quite a few queries regarding the Viking hood light bulb replacement. If you’re also unaware of how to replace the bulb in your Viking range hood, then the following details should help you. 

Viking Range Hood Light Bulb Replacement

Depending upon the usage, you won’t have to bother with the bulb replacement for well over a year. So, if you’re struggling with the bulb dying too quickly, then there might be some issues with the power supply. Even if the bulb is kept on all the time, it will last you a few months before it dies out. If you’re in a situation where the bulb died after a few weeks, then you likely bought a defective bulb, or the voltage output on your unit is too high. 

With that said, let’s cover how you can replace the light bulb on your Viking range Hood. To start the process, you should turn off the light bulbs and the blower on your range hood. Now, you have to wait a few minutes to allow the bulb to cool down. Otherwise, you will end up burning your hand from the heated surface of the bulb. Once the bulb has cooled down, remove the cover from the unit to access the bulb. 

Some experts recommend users also wear oven mitts in case the glass breaks. So, to remain on the safe side, you should also grab a pair of mitts and then unscrew the bulb from the housing. At this stage, you can set aside the old bulb and screw in the new halogen bulb in your range hood. Now, you can test the bulb by switching on the light bulb, and the unit should light up. 

A common question that people have is whether or not they should be using the same kind of bulb for the range hood. The answer to this question is not that straightforward, and while you can use other types of bulbs in the range hood, it is always recommended to rely on halogen bulbs for the best performance. So, you shouldn’t try to save money on the bulb and upgrade your unit accordingly. 

To Conclude

For the Viking range hood light bulb replacement, you need to rely on halogen bulbs and avoid the use of any other variants. With that said, start the process by removing the top cover and switching off the bulb to let it cool down. Once the bulb has cooled down, unscrew it from the housing and install the new bulb. 

After the new halogen bulb has been installed in the unit, put the cover back on the range hood, and now you won’t have to worry about bulb replacement for the whole year. If you’re having any issues with the range hood, reach out to customer support. 

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