7 Uneeda Biscuit Substitutes You May Consider

Uneeda Biscuit Substitute
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Uneeda Biscuit Substitute

Uneeda biscuits are known for their delicious crumbs. This biscuit has been around for centuries but was discontinued in 2009. These biscuits are basically the long-lasting, flaky, and light and crispy crackers that became popular all around the globe. However, after the discontinuation of the biscuits, people have been looking for Uneeda Biscuit substitutes, which is why we are listing down some delicious options!

Uneeda Biscuit Substitute

  1. Graham Crackers

The first suitable substitute for Uneeda Biscuit is the Graham crackers because they are similar in color and flavor. These crackers are known for their crunchy texture and have a nutty and sweet flavor. They can be eaten on their own, or you can crush them to make the bottom of the cheesecake. These crackers have become an important ingredient in American kitchens and are pretty easy to find in the cookie aisle of grocery stores.

  1. BelVita

BelVita is one of the most popular breakfast biscuits available in the market and is made from a combination of wheat flour, oats, and rye flakes. In addition, they are available in America and have become a great replacement for Uneeda Biscuit. The biscuits have a similar flavor and texture. However, while purchasing the biscuits, pay close attention to flavor because there are multiple flavor variants available. To illustrate, the cranberry orange flavor won’t be suitable for lemon cheesecake, so purchase the flavor according to the desired use. The experts recommend using golden oats flavor as it’s an all-round option and is perfect for snacking as well as using in the recipe.

  1. Marie Biscuits

This might be a generic product, but you can use them as a substitute for Uneeda Biscuit. These biscuits are crispy and have a higher sweetness level. These are extremely affordable, and you can easily find them in supermarkets. The biscuits are suitable for baking as well and make a delicious base for cheesecakes. It has a crumbly texture, which means you don’t need to crumble them by using a food processor. For instance, you can put the biscuit in a plastic bag and use a rolling pin to grind them to the desired consistency. These biscuits aren’t popular in America, but you will be able to find them in England, South Africa, and Australia. In fact, the online stores have them in stock or visit the British specialty stores.

  1. HobNobs

This is another British product and can be used to replace Uneeda Biscuit. This is because it’s made from rolled oats and whole wheat, which results in a slightly sweet flavor and crunchy texture. HobNobs are usually used as dunking products in the UK, but you can use them in baking recipes as well (they do taste well with tea, though). Keep in mind that HobNobs use rolled oats as the primary ingredient, which is why they have a dry and crispy texture. Having said that, if you want to use HobNobs as the base for the cheesecake, it’s recommended that you add some butter.

  1. Shortbread

The shortbread is a perfect choice for people who want the crumbly and rich texture, which is why it also makes a great substitute for Uneeda Biscuit. However, you need to remember that it has a higher butter content, which is why you should use less butter in the recipe if you’ve to use it in the baking recipe.

  1. Ginger Biscuits

Commonly known as ginger nuts or ginger snaps, you can use ginger biscuits to replace Uneeda Biscuit because these are crispy cookies and have a ginger flavor tone. However, you should avoid them if you don’t like the ginger flavor tones. Coming back to the texture, it’s pretty crispy, and you will be able to soften the texture when added to the chocolate log cake or biscuit cake. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a base for the cheesecake, it will pair well with chocolate, lime, or lemon flavor. Overall, it works great with New York-style cakes.

  1. Oreos

Oreo might not have a similar appearance as Uneeda Biscuit, but you will be able to replace the texture and flavor. These biscuits have a creamy filling, which is why you can add them to the recipes without adding too much butter. However, the black color of these biscuits won’t go well with lemon cheesecake.

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