4 Reasons Why Turkey Fryer Not Getting Hot Enough

turkey fryer not getting hot enough
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turkey fryer not getting hot enough

Turkey is not just limited to the thanksgiving dinners and is being loved and appreciated for sure on all the other occasions as well. It could be a great dish to serve on the BBQs as well and you will certainly be loving Turkey for any occasion that you might have. There are certainly a few things about preparing turkey that you need to know of, and since it is symbolic to have the turkey as a whole, there are large friers being used to fry the turkey. The fryer is simply the best thing that you can get to fry your turkey. However, if it is not getting hot enough for some reason, you will need to check on a few things that are:

Turkey Fryer Not Getting Hot Enough

1. Right Amount of Oil

The first thing that would matter is using the right amount of oil and if you have put too much cooking oil in the fryer, that will certainly be something that can cause you to face delays with heating the fryer. The more oil you put in the turkey fryer; the more time it will take to be heated up. That is not the only thing, but it also gets you a bit of assurance that if the fryer is too big, or simply you are trying to heat a large amount of oil, it can take a certain time to be heated and you will not have to worry about anything.

2. Burner Size

The size of the burner matters a lot and if you are feeling that you are having delayed heating on your turkey fryer, you will need to have a bigger burner. It is pretty simple and you will need the appropriate burner that is sufficient to provide the right amount of heat to the fryer on the top of your burner and that should be the best thing for you to enjoy. Just get a bigger burner and that is going to solve all such problems for you that you might be having with delayed heating on the turkey fryer that you are using.

3. Increase the Heat

You will need to take care of the heat as well as you will certainly need to make sure that you are applying a sufficient amount of heat to the fryer from the burner for it to ensure that it can be heated up properly. It is certainly pretty simple and all you will need to do is increase the gas a bit. That will help you to get the right amount of heat on your fryer and certainly the more heat you apply on the fryer, the better chances there are for the fryer to be heated up quickly and you can use it for all the turkey frying that you might need to.

4. Change Oil

You will also need to check on the oil and to ensure that the oil is not wasted up already. If you have used the oil too many times, it is most likely to take some time to be heated up. You will need to change the oil with a fresh one and that will be helping you out perfectly.

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