3 Common Toshiba Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

toshiba oven problems
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toshiba oven problems

Toshiba is one of the most popular brands when it comes to appliances. Most people have heard of the international company before. It’s known for having provided great products for many years, and continuing to do so even today. Their set of products for the kitchen includes many different things, a majority of which are electrical devices that perform a variety of different tasks. One example of these would be the ovens that they offer, specifically the microwave ovens of theirs which are especially popular.

Whenever brands focus on ovens, there’s a specific type of oven which they especially work on. For Toshiba, this is the microwave oven. These are compact but surprisingly helpful tools that are capable of helping in a lot of ways thanks to the distinct features which they come with. However not all that there is to be said about these ovens is positive. There are negatives to them as well, such as the most common Toshiba oven problems there are. Here is our list of said problems for all users of these appliances to learn about and overcome.

Usually Encountered Toshiba Oven Problems

  1. Lighting Issues

Lights are a very underappreciated part of microwaves. When the doors are shut and when the food preparing process starts inside of the oven, the light inside makes it possible for users to see the food clearly. This allows you to know when things are done or when they still a little more time inside. But issues with lighting, such as the light inside of the Toshiba oven not working at all, make it impossible to do all this. Something like this isn’t exactly rare and is encountered commonly by oven users.

As a result, there are quite a few effective solutions which have been discovered over the years that can help users fix the issue. The thing to keep in mind is that there’s quite a few different things which could be responsible. The bulb inside could’ve been fused after excessive use, the wiring could be bad, or there’s a problem with one of the sockets inside. In both of the latter cases, repairs could be possible, whereas a new bulb will definitely be needed in the former scenario.

  1. Thermoprotector Issues

The thermoprotector is a component that many might already be familiar with. But for those that aren’t, these are little components carefully placed inside of the microwave oven which makes it possible for the oven to stay safe from harm. It does so by carefully ensuring that voltage being received by the appliance isn’t too strong. On the off chance that this voltage does get too strong for the oven to handle, the thermoprotector immediately trips, making it cease all function.

While this usually means that said protector will be too damaged to use from now on because of the high voltage, it’s a necessary sacrifice made by the component to keep the oven and its users safe. A thermoprotector for Toshiba microwave ovens can easily be found online, so replacing the damaged one inside shouldn’t be a huge issue. But before doing so, it’s recommended that users check the component for continuity using a multimeter to see if it’s even at fault or not.

  1. Control Board Issues

The main control board is easily one of the most important parts of the entire appliance. This is what allows users to communicate with the microwave in the first place, as all the different features are used through the buttons featured on it. But this is something that most people already know. What they don’t know however, is the fact that the control board is prone to being damaged.

While it happens rarely compared to the other issues mentioned so far, it’s still common enough to be featured on this list. There are a few different ways that the issue can be fixed. One very important thing to remember is that even while unplugged this is a very dangerous component which should only be inspected by experts. So call a repairperson and they’ll likely be able to identify and fix any issues with the board.

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