Thermador vs Monogram – Opt For Which One?

Thermador vs Monogram
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Thermador vs Monogram

Integrated refrigerators have become a popular choice in high-end kitchens and have more common than professional compressor refrigerators. These refrigerators are designed with space-saving features, making them suitable for smaller kitchens with limited surface and floor levels. Thermador and Monogram are two brands offering an integrated refrigerator, so let’s check out the differences between the two!

Thermador vs Monogram

GE Monogram

This is a premium brand with highly luxurious appliances. The company works in collaboration with Haier and is based in China. Their appliances are sold through large-scale builders. The refrigerators are designed with LED interior lighting, which promises better visibility into the fridge. In addition, the refrigerator has a stainless steel construction, promising durability. The refrigerator has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature, which means you can adjust the temperature with the help of a smartphone app.

The refrigerator has been integrated with aluminum door bins, which extends the storage. Monogram refrigerators have limited cooling functions as compared to Thermador. There is Wi-Fi connectivity available, which means you can set the temperature through the app. The best thing about these refrigerators is that the freezer can be converted into a refrigerator as well. There is an overhead evaporator in the refrigerator, which promises direct airflow in the compartment, which not only maximizes the storage capacity but optimizes the energy efficiency as well.

The refrigerators are integrated with the halogen light tower in the freezer and fresh food section, promising effective performance in both compartments. The ice makers are installed by default to make sure you never run out of ice. In addition, it’s designed with the water filter LED indicator, which means you will be notified when the filter has to be changed (the filter is installed in the upper right corner if you want to locate the filter). Also, there are three fresh food cabinets, so you can store your fresh produce.

GE Monogram refrigerators are designed with spill-proof shelves, promising a cleaner experience. In addition, there are door alarms to make sure the doors are tightly closed. When it comes down to the fresh food features, there are separate dairy compartments and sealed butter dishes. Moreover, there is a can rack to keep your beverages as well as a wine caddy. On top of everything, there is an adjustable deli drawer to store the meat!


Thermador is a luxury kitchen appliance brand that’s been offering appliances since the 1990s. The larger refrigerators are sized at 36 inches. In addition, the integrated refrigerator is available in 30-inch sizes as well while the freezers are designed in 24-inch or 18-inch size. Some refrigerators are also designed with an ice dispenser and ice maker. The refrigerator is integrated with automatic door opening, which means you can open and close the door with a slight pull and push.

The users have the option to calibrate the sensitivity of the door closure. In addition, there are some hand-less designs, which can be handled through the panel. The refrigerators are available in the stainless steel finish, which looks pretty elegant. Thermador integrated ovens are designed with smoother filter lighting, promising an easier and clear view of the refrigerator storage. Moreover, the refrigerator doors are designed with soft closure, promising easier closure and opening.

The refrigerator has been integrated with a TFT touch display, promising easier management of the temperature. Since there is a ThermaFresh system, which helps extend the food’s lifespan by three folds. In addition, the drawers can be controlled by temperature and humidity, so you can calibrate the settings according to the food you have to store. The refrigerator has been integrated with cantilever shelves on the door, which helps with the height adjustment of the shelves.

The refrigerators are designed with adjustable and customizable bins. In addition, the metal door has a cold air intake, which makes sure the temperature is even on the door as well. The door can be programmed to turn off automatically. There are ThermaFresh drawers that help filter the ethylene gasses to eliminate chances of food spoilage and cross-contamination. Lastly, these refrigerators are a bit bigger.

The Bottom Line

Thermador refrigerators are more advanced and promise higher food freshness since there are ThermaFresh drawers available. On the other hand, Monogram refrigerators are recommended for people who need a convertible refrigerator.

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