Sunbeam Toaster Won’t Stay Down: 6 Ways To Fix

sunbeam toaster won't stay down
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sunbeam toaster won’t stay down

The Sunbeam toaster is a good investment. This handy portable toaster is among some of the best toasters in the world. A toaster is one kitchen appliance that requires very little maintenance. This makes it easier to use and take care of them. Occasionally, your toaster might act up but there’s nothing to worry about. Worried because your Sunbeam toaster won’t go down? Here a few things that might help.

Sunbeam Toaster Won’t Stay Down

1) Is the toaster switched on?

The sunbeam toaster like most toasters works on an internal circuit. For the circuit to complete you have to push down the toaster. One major reason why your toaster won’t go down is that it is not plugged in.

The electric current from the socket starts the circuit, if the toaster is not plugged in, the incomplete circuit won’t let the toaster go down.

Another reason why you are facing this issue could be because of a voltage difference. The average toaster uses alternating current and needs a minimum of 103-120 Volts to operate.

2) When was the last time you cleaned the crumb tray?

There’s a crumb tray at the bottom of all toasters. This is where the crumbs get stored over time. These crumbs come from the bread you’re toasting. You must clean the crumb tray every week. Otherwise, the crumbs keep getting stored in the crumb tray. The crumb tray has a limited crumb storing capacity. Too many crumbs won’t let the toaster go down.

3) Maybe you’ve left a bread piece inside?

Unplug the toaster and give it a good shake. Turn the toaster upside down to remove any stuck pieces of bread. It’s pretty normal for pieces of bread to get stuck between the toaster rods. When this happens, the toaster simply won’t go down.

If you can’t reach the stuck piece of bread, you can always use a wooden spoon. Remember to never insert any metallic utensils inside a functional toaster.

4) Is the toaster lever broken?

If you’ve broken your toaster lever, it won’t go down. The toaster lever gets damaged if it’s mishandled. In that case, you just need to replace the lever and the toaster is good like never before.

5) Did you check the toaster thermostat?

Is the thermostat messed up? Because when that happens it gets difficult to operate the toaster. Some toasters have the thermostat fixed right next to the crumb tray. A few crumbs might get stuck in the thermostat too. So never forget to give your toaster a good clean.

6) Call the Official Sunbeam helpline

Time to call the helpline if none of these solutions seem to work for you. If you can’t fix your sunbeam toaster on your own, you should get it assessed by the company. Most Sunbeam toasters come with a warranty. If there is something wrong on the inside, the company will take care of it from there.  

The Sunbeam toaster is a smart kitchen appliance. It rarely stops working but if you can’t push your lever down, the above-mentioned solutions are bound to help.

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