3 Best Substitutes For Absinthe

substitutes for absinthe
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substitutes for absinthe

Absinthe is an herbal liqueur that has a licorice flavor. However, you should note that it is very strong alcohol. This is exactly why the product had its following of fans. Many famous painters and writers used to enjoy this liqueur and would often drink it to reward themselves.

These include Picasso as well as Hemingway which are quite well known. The drink was enjoyed by so many people that companies started to manufacture special spoons, glasses, and even fountains.

This was all for the sole purpose of providing people with stuff to serve Absinthe. The usual content of alcohol in this drink ranges from being as high as 75% and as low as 45%. Although, this might vary depending on where you decide to purchase it from.

The product is not available in certain countries due to prohibition or other reasons. Although, you might be someone who wants to make a recipe that requires this ingredient. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some substitutes for Absinthe.

Substitutes For Absinthe

  1. Pastis

The best substitute that you can use for Absinthe is Pastis. This is because the liqueur has a similar strong alcohol value rated between 45%. The liqueur has a unique taste and is considered to be a part of traditional drinks from France.

Originally, before World War 1, people used to drink Absinthe all around France. It was considered the best drink. But soon rumors started to spread around which said that the drink was toxic for people.

These rumors spread so far that the drink was soon prohibited in several countries. This stopped the sales for Absinthe and soon the top manufacturers for this ingredient started to make an alternative. This is where Pastis comes in, the drink is almost the same as Absinthe but with a few changes.

The word Pastis comes from an Italian word that means a mixture or blend. Some famous cocktails that use this drink as their main ingredient include the Parrot, The Earthquake, and Death in the Afternoon.

  1. Anisette

Anisette is also a liqueur that is known for its potent taste. It is made from anise seed which grows in the Mediterranean. These are also some of the oldest known spice plants that have also been mentioned in the Bible.

The drink tasted like licorice and even helps people with intestinal problems. One thing to note about this liqueur is that Anisette is made by a lot of countries that brand it under different names. All of these have almost the same taste but the alcohol content for them might vary a little.

Considering this, you can easily search up if your country has Anisette available in it or not and under what name. If you are thinking about using this product as your base ingredient. Then you should note that its flavor can sometimes be too strong for some people to handle.

This is exactly why some people even mix the drink with some water when serving it.  The only major difference that Anisette has over Absinthe is its sweet flavor. Both the drinks are colorless but Anisette uses some sugar content in them to make them less tangy.

  1. Pernod

Another great substitute for Absinthe is Pernod. The drink has a licorice flavor in it which is derived from anise just like Absinthe.  It is originally from France and people enjoy drinking it with seafood. Talking about this, the ingredient is also used in some famous dishes like oysters and bouillabaisse to give an additional creamy flavor. The great thing about using this as an alternative is how strong its flavor is.

If people want to drink Pernod normally then it is recommended that you pour it with four parts water. This shows how high the content of alcohol in it is. Some people even consider Pernod to be the most authentic Absinthe on the market.

This is because, after the ban of the original Absinthe the company that first introduced this drink was Pernod. The taste for it is almost the same as the prior but you should note that it is also banned in a lot of countries. All the substitutes mentioned above are great and you can easily use either of them depending on which one is available to you.

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