5 Best Substitutes For Hazelnuts

substitute for hazelnuts
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substitute for hazelnuts

For everyone fond of fruits, they would know about hazelnut and how it’s widely used in various dishes. Hazelnut has an oval shape, along with a smooth shell. Truth be told, even the seed kernel is edible and can be consumed in roasted or raw form. With this being said, if you cannot find hazelnut for your recipe, we have added substitutes for hazelnuts!

What Is The Best Substitute For Hazelnuts?

1) Almonds

These are the seeds that are usually consumed as nuts in the raw form. Almonds make a great substitute for hazelnuts and share somewhat similar health benefits. This is because both almonds and hazelnuts have similar nutrition counts. As far as the texture is concerned, it has a slightly raw and rough texture, but the internal part is hard yet buttery.

Almonds are widely used for making almond milk, butter, oil, and flour. As far as nutrition is concerned, it has manganese traces, along with fiber, fats, and proteins. Almonds are used in ice creams, liqueur, cake, chocolate, and oil as an ingredient. It’s safe to say that almonds make a great substitute for hazelnuts in terms of nutrition; there might be a slight difference in texture.

2) Pecans

Pecans are large-sized nuts with a red-brown shell. Pecans are extensively used as a food ingredient (just like hazelnuts). As a result, pecans can be substituted for hazelnuts but with a slightly different texture and taste. Pecans are usually grounded to make flour, but it can also be used in sweet dishes. Sometimes, it is crushed down to make oil as well. Pecans are famous ingredients for baking. People usually use macadamia nuts or brazil nuts as pecans when they cannot find hazelnuts.

3) Macadamia Nuts

We all have had macadamia nuts from the hotel’s bar, and guess what? They make a great substitute for hazelnuts. These are actually the seeds that are available in a hard shell. Macadamia nuts are available in bulk form and are commercially used as well. When we compare hazelnut with macadamia nuts, nutrition is the same and is also great for weight loss and reducing inflammation.

In addition, macadamia nuts are enriched with fiber, vitamin E, iron, and manganese. However, while substituting macadamia nuts with hazelnuts, keep in mind that flavor and taste might be sweet, so keep the sugary taste in mind. For this reason, macadamia nuts can be used in place of hazelnut while baking cookies or bread.

4) Cashew Nuts

When it comes down to the fat content, cashew nuts are great when you need an alternative for hazelnuts. Cashew nuts are extracted from the cashew apple and look like small kidneys. This is why cashew nuts are either cooked through roasting, but they are eaten raw as well. The similar high-fat content will promise a similar creamy texture.

For people concerned about cashew nuts’ nutrients, they have higher magnesium, protein, iron, fat, and copper content. As a result, cashew nuts make a great choice for eye health and healthy hair. When using cashew nut as a substitute for hazelnut, keep in mind that texture might come out differently.

5) Walnut

Walnuts are pretty similar when compared to hazelnuts since both of them are loaded with proteins and fats. Walnuts are rich in fiber and protein, along with low fat. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation and blood pressure. Walnuts make a great alternative if you cannot find hazelnuts because the flavor is promising and the texture is crunchy.

Substitutes Of Hazelnuts For Baked Food

1) Oats

If you cannot find hazelnuts but want something to add to baked food, oats will make a great choice. You can also use rolled oats, and oats will add a similar taste and texture. However, before adding oats to baked goods in place of hazelnuts, you should roast/brown them in butter for some time.

2) Seeds

First things first, we are talking about the sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. These seeds will make a great alternative for hazelnuts because of their flavor and texture. In addition, it makes a fine choice for muffin recipes.

3) Raisins

While you are baking cookies and cannot find hazelnuts, you can opt for raisins. This is because raisins can enhance nutrition and add visuals. In addition, the texture will be available. Also, while replacing hazelnuts, make sure that you add the same quantity.

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