3 Great Substitute For Crisco Oil In Waffles

substitute for crisco oil in waffles
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substitute for crisco oil in waffles

In order to take your cooking skills to the next level, you should always start by experimenting with different ingredients substitutes. That way, you will familiarize yourself with new flavors while also being more efficient in the kitchen. So, even when you run out of a particular ingredient, you know precisely what to pick as a substitute. 

Recently there have been many questions regarding substitutes for Crisco oil in waffles. If you’re also confused about the same thing, then the list of substitutes given below should suit your recipe perfectly. Hopefully, this information helps you better manage your waffles and their flavor. 

Substitute For Crisco Oil In Waffles

1. Coconut Oil

While Crisco oil is more convenient and affordable, using coconut oil will bring a unique texture to your waffles. It is one of the best substitutes that can be used to finalize your waffles and also brings an intense aroma to your dish. So, if you’re looking for something to magnify the scent of the waffles while also making them more flavorful, then coconut oil is your best option. 

The best thing about coconut oil is that it creates a crunchier texture on the outer layer of the waffle. So, if you struggle to develop a crunchier texture while using Crisco oil in your recipe, sticking with coconut oil is your best bet. As far as the price point is concerned, it shouldn’t be too heavy on your budget to accommodate a few cans of refined coconut oil. 

Along with all these benefits in flavor and texture, coconut oil also presents a better nutritional content to the consumers. It will help you with skin issues and also protect you from hair fall. So, if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, then using coconut oil in your waffles will serve you perfectly.

2. Butter

Now, you won’t get the same unique flavor with butter when you compare it with coconut oil, but this substitute is quite cheap and won’t affect your pocket that much. The best thing about butter is that it is readily available in all households, so even if you run out of Crisco oil, you can always open your fridge, and the butter will be there. There is no need to run over to the store to purchase a new pack. 

With that said, using butter in the waffles will bring a sweeter flavor to the dish, but it will become too heavy. So, you will have to keep this information in mind and limit the use of butter in the waffles. That way, you will be able to control the heaviness of the butter better while also promoting the sweeter flavor. 

All in all, butter is one of the most convenient substitutes for making waffles when you run out of Crisco oil. So, as long as you manage the amount of butter in a particular recipe, it shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain the original flavor of the waffles. Hopefully, this helps you better manage your waffle recipe.

3. Banana Paste

Another viable option that many people like to use in their waffles is banana paste. It brings a better moisture content to the waffles and boosts their health benefits by a substantial margin. So, if you were looking for an alternative to load up your breakfast, using banana paste in your waffle recipe will serve you perfectly. The best thing here is that creating banana paste is quite effortless, and it will not take you more than a minute. 

So, just grab a container and mash down half a cup of bananas to use in the waffle recipe. That way, the waffles will take on banana flavor naturally, and you won’t have to use any extra sweeteners or other products. As compared to the crunchier texture of the waffles with coconut oil, you will be able to create a fluffier recipe with the use of banana paste. 

So, spending upon your preferences, you can use either one of these substitutes in place of Crisco oil. If you have a generous budget, then going with coconut oil is your best option. Otherwise, you can always save money by using butter or banana paste to finalize your waffle recipe. 

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