2 Best Substitutes For Steamed Pudding Mold

steamed pudding mold substitutes
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steamed pudding mold substitutes

Who doesn’t love a pudding, let alone a steamed pudding? This type of pudding is put into a heat-proof bowl. Then, you have to cook by steaming it. The pudding can be sweet or savory. This yummy pudding is made from budget-friendly items, so you won’t have to rush to the market to buy fancy ingredients.

The steam is responsible for the cooking. So, the heat is controlled by steam. The pudding is heated in a steam pudding mold. It is used to make various sorts of food. However, if you do not have one at home, go through our steamed pudding mold substitute list.

The shape looks like a Bundt pan and has ridges on the exterior side. The center is fluted so that the heat can reach the mixture at a rapid pace. The lid is a tight fit. The mold is made from Aluminum and it allows the benefit of even baking.

The versatility makes the steamed pudding mold a big hit. You can make the steamed pudding, cakes, jello, and brownies. The benefit of using one is to ensure that the food cooks slowly preventing overcooking. The resultant food will be delicious and tasty.

Steamed Pudding Mold Substitutes

1) Simple glass bowl

You may be wondering how am I going to use this for steamed pudding? Well, we wouldn’t add this option here if it was not useful. A glass bowl or a vintage pyrex bowl can do the trick when used in the right way. You can place the bowl in the pot by using a rack. If you want to use anything else than the rack, put the glass bowl inside a pasta pot that has a colander in it. This is an alternative to using the steamed pudding mold.

Full process

You can learn how to wrap and steam a pudding just like a professional cook by following these steps.

For this, you must take two large sheets of aluminum foil and buttered greaseproof paper. Fold the crease of both aluminum foil and greaseproof paper in the mid and make a pleat. Place them in such a manner so that the foil is on the upper side and press it around the bowl.

The foil should be wounded around the bowl tightly. Cut the extra foil and grease paper by leaving two inches of foil around the bowl.

Push the end of the paper in and fold the foil and enable a water-tight seal for pudding.

You must make a handle for the bowl by using a string. Pull the string through both sides of the bowl. Now add pudding into the pan.

After making the handle for the bowl place the pudding into a steamer with a saucer in its bottom.

Then stream it for the required number of hours and top up the water level sidewise.

After pudding is steamed, cut the string of the bowl. Now pull the paper and foil gently.  For storing the pudding for re-steaming, use a fresh aluminum foil sheet and greaseproof paper. Attach a handle around to remove it easily.

2) Heat resistant dishes

We are looking for a dish that is heat resistant. So, any such bowl or pan would work. In case you do not have any of the above-mentioned items at home, do not worry. The beauty of the culinary world is in its versatility and usage of different items for various purposes.

Check out if you have any heat-resistant dish of any size or shape. The idea is to steam the pudding and let it cook slowly. Make sure you clean the dish properly before pouring the mixture. Hence, you can use any sort of heat-resistant dish to make steamed pudding.

This sweet dessert is an affordable option but requires a technical process. The steaming process is necessary to be undertaken in a proper dish. Mostly, a steamed pudding mold is used. However, if you do not have one at home, you could try out other easily available options.

A simple glass bowl or heat-resistant dishes would do the job. It is always better to use the right element, but due to the flexibility in the culinary world, we are given various options to choose from.

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