Stale vs Fresh Peeps – Which Is Better?

Stale vs Fresh Peeps
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Stale vs Fresh Peeps

If you are a candy lover, we are sure you have tried a variety of candies to fulfill your sugar cravings. One of the most popular and widely consumed candy is the Peeps. These candies are known for a higher sugar level and are usually equal to the sugar found in the can of coke. However, there is a clear difference between stale Peeps vs fresh Peeps, and with this article, we are sharing everything you need to know!

Stale vs Fresh Peeps

Stale Peeps

Peeps are usually stale when you take them out of the package and have a delicious flavor. These candies are tough to chew but the flavor is much better. The Peeps can be staled if you put them in the air to achieve a chewy flavor. This texture makes them suitable for flavoring vodka and floats well in hot chocolate. Also, you can dress up the cakes as well.

The stale Peeps tend to have a crispy and crunchy exterior while the inside remains soft. In addition, the sugar ends up crystallizing, which helps improve the flavor.

Fresh Peeps

The fresh Peeps are known for the soft and fluffy texture with a crispness and sugar – it looks like puffed marshmallows. However, some people prefer to air out the package for some days. The fresh Peeps are likely to have a party cake flavor and many people call it confetti frosting, given the sweet vanilla flavor. The fresh Peeps can turn stale if you make some holes in the plastic packaging.

The fresh Peeps are eaten right from the packaging and around 70% of the users like to consume them in fresh form. However, the fresh Peeps are softer on the inside as well as on the outside.

Facts To Know About The Peeps

At this point, it’s clear that the only difference between stale and fresh Peeps is the texture; the former has a crispy exterior and softer interior while the latter has a soft and squishy texture all around. Now that you know the primary difference, there are some fun facts that you need to know about Peeps, such as;

  • Back in the days, it used to take around twenty-seven hours to make one Peep as they used to make them with hands and the eyes were hand-painted as well. However, the company has now invested in top-notch machinery with which one Peep takes six minutes only
  • According to the company, they make more than two billion Peeps in a year, and the production is accelerated during the colder months since Peeps are added to hot chocolates and are served with alcoholic drinks as well
  • Peeps is the patented production of the Rodda Candy Company but it has been acquired by Just Born (the acquisition happened back in 1953). With this acquisition, the recipe and shape have been slightly changed
  • Peeps are made from three types of sugars, including corn syrup, liquid sugar, and granulated sugar. In addition to this, the gelatin and vanilla extract are added to the sugar mixture to achieve the marshmallow texture
  • Peeps are available in over forty flavors. The pink and yellow ones are available in bunnies shape but there are seasonal shapes like Christmas trees, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and Jack-o-lanterns during the fall season. The company has also launched a few new flavors, including lemon, pancakes, cotton candy, and syrup. Moreover, they launched chocolate-covered marshmallows in 2010 and you can also find the sugar-free range
  • Yellow is the most popular form of Peeps and pinks remain the second most popular
  • The company removed the wings from the Peeps in 1955 for adding a more modern edge
  • One Peep constitutes 32 calories while the entire five-piece serving has 160 calories. As far as the fats are concerned, there are none

The Bottom Line

It is pretty clear that the Peeps are extremely common and are preferred by people all around the world, especially if they like marshmallows. The fresh Peeps have a gooey and soft texture while the stale ones have a crispy exterior for people who like a different texture. All in all, they are extremely delicious and can be added to the desserts, cocktails, and hot chocolates. So, do you like the Peeps stale or fresh?

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