Sourdough Pizza vs Normal Pizza – Which One?

sourdough pizza vs normal
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Sourdough Pizza vs Normal Pizza

Pizza is one of the most commonly consumed foods, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the ultimate option for when you are too tired to cook. However, there are different types of pizzas out there, such as sourdough pizza vs normal pizza. So, if you have always been confused between these two pizzas, we are sharing the information with you.

Sourdough Pizza vs Normal Pizza

Sourdough Pizza

Sourdough is a unique way of making pizza, and it’s safe to say that it has mystery around it. Similarly, it is a common notion that sourdough pizza has some different ingredients, but the dough is made from the exact same ingredients as regular pizza. Having said that, sourdough pizza is made from yeast, salt, water, and flour, but we need to remember that the preparation process is pretty unique. For instance, for normal pizza, fresh yeast or dried yeast is used, but for sourdough pizza, a sourdough starter is used.

The sourdough starter is a special dough that delivers better growth of the yeast. The starter is readily available and can be kept in the jar forever, and can be utilized for making sourdough whenever you want. Also, to make the sourdough pizza, only the starter is needed, and you don’t have to mix in other yeast. In addition, for making the sourdough pizza, you need to use the 1:1 ratio of flour and water. However, the addition of sourdough starter results in a sour flavor, and the pizza has a stronger taste.

The sourdough dough tends to have complex flavors, but the baker has the capacity of controlling the flavor. To illustrate, if you feed the starter regularly, the taste will become less sour, and try to opt for less starter when you want to optimize the flavor. Many people opt for rye flour and wholemeal flour for making pizza which adds extra depth. The most unique thing about sourdough is that the dough will be older as compared to regular pizza because of the unique flavor of the starter.

Sourdough pizza tends to have a crispier crust as compared to regular pizzas, but the internal part of the crust tends to be airy and light. Having said that, the crust has a combination of a soft interior and a crispy exterior that hits the right balance. Also, when it’s compared to regular pizza, many people think that sourdough pizza is better, but it all comes down to personal preferences.

Normal Pizza

Normal pizza is usually called regular pizza and it is usually something that we get from the nearby pizza places because they don’t have specialized pizza varieties. For instance, in the majority of cases, the regular pizza has sausages, pepperoni, supreme, and cheese. Various pizza chains allow the customers to add and combine different toppings, but extra toppings come at an extra cost. It is safe to say that regular pizza is the ultimate choice for people who don’t have time.

When it comes down to the options, there aren’t many options available, but you can always select between different toppings to change the overall flavor of the pizza. The regular pizzas are usually cooked in mass and are just provided to the customers whenever they order one. In simpler words, they are not baked exclusively for the customers. On top of everything, regular pizza tends to be more affordable as compared to sourdough pizza.

The regular pizza comes in only one size; usually, the medium size and it measures around ten inches. In addition, the regular pizza is available in the thick crust settings or deep-pan form. The regular pizza is cut into eight slices, and it’s done to allow reasonable distribution of food among four people. The primary reason behind the popularity is the ease of baking. In addition, it can be enhanced with a wide range of toppings, ranging from pepperoni to sausages and anchovies to mushrooms.

In the majority of cases, the regular pizza is loaded with cheese, and a variety of condiments are used to add flavors, such as oregano, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes. As far as the availability is concerned, it can be easily found in regular pizza cafes. Not to forget, frozen pizzas are also considered regular pizzas.

So, which of these two pizzas do you like the best?

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