Why Do Slow Cooker Liners Melt? 3 Ways To Fix

slow cooker liners melt
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slow cooker liners melt

The culinary industry has changed drastically over the course of time since there are high-tech products available in the market. One such innovation is slow cookers that are designed for people who want delicious flavor without spending an entire day by the stove. With this being said, people are using the liners for easy cleanup (you can simply toss the liner in the dustbin) and for reducing the water waste (no need for soaking the slow cooker in hot water). But again, some people say that slow cooker liners melt. So, we have added simple fixes!

Why Do Slow Cooker Liners Melt?

1) Spraying The Slow Cooker

For everyone who struggles with the melting liner issue, there is a quick and straightforward fix for it. For instance, before you insert the liner into the slow cooker with food, you need to spray up the slow cooker’s inside with the cooking spray. This simple spraying will take care of the liner melting issue. However, we suggest using this method only if the liners melt (because the issue is uncommon).

The cooking spray must be sprayed on all sides, as well as on the bottom. In case you don’t have cooking spray, it is suggested that you use vegetable oil. The vegetable oil must be dripped on a paper towel and use it for wiping the slow cooker sides and bottom.

In some cases, people are using the liners to fix the cleaning issues. However, some of them creating a weird smell, which is addressed to be the liner issue, but in reality, it’s the slow cooker fault. This is because if the slow cookers are old, the heat distribution impacted, which can either lead to overheating or uneven heating.

Well, both these issues can lead to the workability of liners. With this being said, the liners have a higher chance of melting with old, slow cookers. With this being said, you either need to repair the slow cooker or get a new one.

2) Substitute For Slow Cooker Liners

If you want to keep the food safe, you must never use the DIY slow cooker liners because they don’t offer similar functionality as that of the store-bought liner. The prime reason people use liners is easy cleaning and washup. With this being said, you can follow the below-mentioned tips for streamlining the cleaning process if you cannot use the liners. Let’s have a look!

3) Soaking The Slow Cooker 

As soon as you dish out the food from the slow cooker, you need to soak the slow cooker in lukewarm or warm water right away. Once it is fully soaked in water, add the dishwashing liquid and let it do the magic for a few hours. This is because if you don’t soak it right away, the food chunks will dry up, and it will be a difficult task to clean it up.

After soaking the slow cooker, you can use the scrubber or sponge to clean out the grease. On top of everything, make sure to use warm or lukewarm water because cold water may lead to cracks when the slow cooker is hot.

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