Shun Knife SG2 vs VG10: What’s The Difference?

shun knife sg2 vs vg10
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shun knife sg2 vs vg10

Every kitchen needs knives because, to be honest, the kitchen is incomplete without the knives. In addition, having the right knife is important, because hey, the cheese knife cannot chop and slice your veggies. With this being said, Shun Knife SG2 vs. VG10 is our topic of interest since these knives are pretty famous out there. So, let’s have a look!

Shun Knife SG2 vs VG10

Shun Knife SG2

One might think that knife is only about the handle and blade but it’s more about the sharpness and the edges. This knife by Shun is a spectacular choice. This knife is designed to offer cutting performance for various edibles at one time without impacting the ease and cutting comfort. The blade is made with Damascus nickel that promises an intense blade design. In addition, such a configuration of the blade promises thin sharpening.

It won’t be wrong to say that blade looks like a razor that has a cutting angle of 16-degree. This cutting angle demands lesser work for cutting and also cuts thin. As a result, the edibles are properly cut and nothing is wasted. In addition, such an angle works great to offer to chop, cutting, and slicing. The best thing is that good doesn’t get stuck with the blade. On top of everything, the edge is great with an uneven yet asymmetrical design.

The edge is constructed with immense metal which prevents fainting, negative cutting performance, or rustiness. Such metal infusion helps with durability. Coming towards the handle, it has pakkawood construction and is only used for making the knife handle. This is actually the engineered wood which has a high-strength level. In addition, the handle has a secure grip and the end has a carved design. All in all, the red stripes on the handle look amazing!

This is actually a Japanese knife and is handmade. The tipping feature is edge retention as the high-strength and dense design helps with rigidity and durability. In addition, the users don’t even need to add too much effort for cutting. Each slide of this knife’s blade has sixty-five stainless metal layers that promise better performance and unique appearance. On top of everything, this knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

When it comes down to the appearance, it might be a bit rustic but it looks great. There is a double bevel design that positively influences the cutting angle. The blade has a tsuchime hammering that’s responsible for ensuring that food doesn’t stick to the blade. Also, when you order this knife, it comes in a snug box for better storage.

On the contrary, there are some downsides to it. First of all, this knife demands suitable storage to ensure it ages properly. Secondly, it doesn’t provide a sheath and the knife seems too heavy for some people (what else did you expect after 65 metal layers?). Last but not least, there is a higher price tag but that doesn’t bother us because this knife promises worth of your money!

Shun Knife VG10

Designed with a metallic color, this knife by Shun will ramp up your knife collection in the kitchen. This knife has an alloy steel construction that’s pretty great since it’s lightweight and delivers promising cutting performance. We absolutely love the size of this knife because it can be easily managed with a hand and sets perfectly on the cutting board as well. Truth be told, this is a versatile knife because it has paring properties as well as a professional knife design for the chefs.

It has a six-inches blade which is extremely agile and shows great control. As far as the functions and tasks are concerned, this knife is great for peeling, trimming, cutting, slicing, precision cutting, and dicing. Coming down to the handle, it is made with TPE and PP polymer blend and has a textured outlook which completely serves the purpose of Japanese knives. All in all, the handle is pretty durable and the sleek design looks pretty elegant. Lastly, the handle promises a better grip on the knife.

The knife is designed using composite blade technology, along with the stainless-steel upper that promises a premium cutting edge. In addition, the cutting angle of this knife is 16-degrees, hence easier cooking. To summarize, it’s a great knife for people who want one for every task (yes, it’s a multi-tasking knife!).

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