Searzall vs Heat Gun: What’s The Difference?

searzall vs heat gun
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searzall vs heat gun

People who have been cooking for a long time would know that searing the food will make a great difference. To illustrate, if you have to choose between seared and unseared steaks, it’s obvious that you will choose the seared one, right?

So, when searing is concerned, people often struggle to choose between Searzall vs. heat gun. With this article, we are sharing the differences between both!

Searzall vs Heat Gun


Searzall is designed for promising perfect and effective searing. It is actually a blowtorch accessory that can sear as much as you want. This is designed with the power of blowtorch but doesn’t look like a torch. When you use Searzall for searing food, it will deliver the propane flavor, which can sometimes ruin the flavor of crème Brulee.

Searzall has two screens that diffuse the intense heat into the shallow yet highly consistent flames. Searzall is perfect for searing the steak, salmon skin, cheese, and toast. To be honest, some people use it for reheating pizza and burgers, and it works perfectly. This is basically an attachment that is installed on the blowtorch’s top.

It is designed to deliver effective searing temperature and will never lead to ineffective gas flavor. We previously mentioned the screens for creating consistent flames. In particular, the screens are made of wire mesh with promising temperature resistance. That being said, Searzall will lead to an even and consistent flame.

The consistent flame of Searzall will promise a chef-like finish to food, especially meat. However, the users will need to replace the screens after some time because they wear down. To illustrate, the wire mesh witnesses intense temperature that can damage the mesh. However, it still has the palladium coating on the back screen, promising resistance to oxidation and better temperature.

As far as the replacement screens are concerned, it’s best to buy them from the official store. When you order the Searzall, it will have the attachment, sleeve adapter with aluminum, and Allen key with 2mm configuration. In addition, it also has a spacing stick. Together with all contents of the box, the assembly and usage will be quick and easy.

On top of everything, Searzall can be used with the 16.4-ounces propane tank and torch heads from Bernzomatic. As far as the performance is concerned, Searzall promises a perfect cooking outcome with sous-vide techniques and low-temperature cooking. It is integrated with the immersion circulator that promises consistency in the outcome.

If you have ever used the sous-vide cooking technique, you would know that it makes the food pale and doesn’t have a crust. In that case, Searzall will make a perfectly crispy surface without demanding hours of cooking.

Heat Gun

Sure, you love to sear the food, but choosing between heat gun and Searzall can be overwhelming. We have already mentioned the perks of Searzall, so let’s talk about heat gun now. To illustrate, the heat gun is designed as a high-strength hair dryer that can deliver temperature up to 1300-degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty great.

It’s safe to say that a heat gun will deliver hot air for searing the food. To be honest, some people believe that hot gun looks like the power drills. However, some latest heat guns are designed with a control interface and an LCD panel through which users can change the fan speed and temperature. Even more, the heat guns tend to have different attachments that can change the airflow’s shape.

As far as the performance of the heat gun is concerned, it’s amazing, to be precise. For instance, the hot air from the heat gun has the capacity to sear the steak within a short span of time. With a heat gun, only the surface is browned. That being said, the heat guns are only suitable for creating the thin sear, especially when you have to brown the meat made with the sous-vide technique.

In case you are wondering how much time it takes for searing, it usually depends on the amount of browning. Generally, a heat gun will take five minutes to eight minutes to get the searing. People often compare the heat with cast iron since the searing time for meat is pretty the same. All in all, if you have the thick crust, that’s not possible with the heat gun!

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