Schaum Torte vs Pavlova: What’s The Difference?

schaum torte vs pavlova
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schaum torte vs pavlova

People with a sweet tooth would understand the craving to have delish desserts. That being said, there is nothing better than having fine desserts, such as Schaum Torte and Pavlova. In case you want to know more about these desserts, we are sharing the details with you!

Schaum Torte vs Pavlova

Schaum Torte

This dessert is extremely popular in Wisconsin, and people all around the world love this dessert. To illustrate, Schaum Torte is the German version of Pavlova, which is topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream. Some culinary experts also add ice cream in place of whipped cream. It is basically a German meringue dessert that’s well-known in Germany (it’s more popular among Milwaukee residents).

Schaum Torte is a fine dessert that makes an apt option for special and formal events. It can be easily found in the local German restaurants. This sweet dessert is available in cookie size as well as full-size cakes. As far as the origin is concerned, it was first made by the German immigrants and was shared with descendants. For the most part, it’s served on Memorial Day functions.

This is because Schaum Torte is topped with strawberries (in the majority of cases). However, this delicious yet delicate dessert can be served at Christmas parties as well as bridal showers. Schaum Torte also uses the vanilla and cream of tartar to improve the flavor and add a delicate sweet flavor. The cream is topped on the meringue and is baked for around one hour.

On top of everything, people prefer adding fresh fruits after baking, but you can also add frozen fruits after thawing them. Personally, we like adding sugar or vanilla syrup on the top. The most interesting fact is that Schaum Torte was also known as kiss Torte for its golden meringue and marshmallow-like interior. In case you like the baked version, Schaum Torte needs around one hour for baking the base.

When we talk about the toppings, people usually use blueberries and strawberries to add mild tanginess to the dessert (it’s a perfect combination of sweet and tangy, by the way). In the case of strawberries, it’s best to cut the slices to create a juicy appearance. Lastly, we would like to add that there is no starch in Schaum Torte.


This dessert is known for its meringue base and is named after Anna Pavlova (she was the Russian ballerina). Pavlova is made in the cake form with crisp crust along with a light and soft interior. It is topped with whipped cream and fruits (pretty much like Schaum Torte). This dessert was actually created when Anna Pavlova visited New Zealand back in the 1920s.

Pavlova is a popular dessert and has become an essential part of New Zealand and Australia’s national cuisines. This dessert is extremely easy to make and is served during holiday meals and celebratory meals. For the most part, it’s served and consumed during the summer season. However, people serve it during the Christmas holidays, so it’s available around the year.

In case you are wondering about cooking Pavlova, it is made just like meringue. For instance, egg whites and salt are beaten to gain a stiff consistency, and caster sugar is added. Then, it’s folded in lemon juice or vinegar, vanilla essence, and cornflour. The meringue dough/mixture is added to the baking paper and is rounded to give a cake shape.

However, when the meringue is baked, the center is recessed, and it’s baked in a slow oven for around one hour. After baking, it’s left to cool down for a night. The central part of the meringue has a marshmallow-like consistency which is not only moist but soft as well. Some people suggest that corn flour is added, which results in a gooey interior.

In case you are wondering about the topping, it’s topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits (soft fruits are used). The fruits used for topping include passionfruit, kiwi, and strawberries. There are factory-made pavlovas available in the market, and you can decorate them with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Also, this dessert can be refrigerated overnight but is likely to lose the crispness.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is that Schaum Torte and Pavlova are somewhat similar, but their origin and ingredients are a bit different. For instance, Pavlova originates from New Zealand, while Schaum Torte is the German dessert. Lastly, Pavlova has starch but Schaum Torte doesn’t.

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