Sansaire Sous Vide vs Anova Sous Vide Comparison

sansaire sous vide vs anova
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sansaire sous vide vs anova

Sous vide cooking method might not be new, but people have only recently started following the sous vide cooking method to create delicious food. However, ensuring proper results is not possible if you don’t have the right sous vide machine, which is why we have Sansaire sous-vide vs. Anova sous vide to help you complete the sous vide cooking process!

Sansaire Sous Vide vs Anova Sous Vide

Sansaire Sous Vide

The sous vide machine is designed with a clip on the backside, which can be adjusted to fit the thin as well as wide-lipped container. The clip has a standard position that can fit the thin-lipped cooking containers quite easily. On the other hand, if your cooking pots are designed with a wide lip, don’t forget to pull off the clip and put it back in the extended form. It can be easily moved from one side to another since the clip support is loose.

When it comes down to the control, the Sansaire sous vide machine only allows manual control, which is a common complaint. Having said that, you will have issues controlling the sous vide machine as you’ve to be extremely careful. Secondly, it cannot be connected to smart home devices, and you can only control it with the button mentioned on display. There are three plug configurations available, so it can work in US, New Zealand, and EU plugs without any issue.

As far as the power connectivity is concerned, it has a circulation of 3 GPM, and the heating power is around 1100W, which means it’s a stronger sous video machine. As a result, the machine will heat up pretty quickly, and the temperature maintenance will be on point. When you switch on this sous vide machine, it will start heating up automatically, and the water will be maintained at the set temperature unless you switch it off – it has to be turned off manually.

This is a bigger device, but it’s only one inch bigger than the Anova sous vide machine, and it is also 1.5 pounds bulkier. When it comes down to the immersion depth of the sous vide, it promises the maximum depth of around 6.5 inches, while the minimum depth is 2.75 inches. The sous vide machine has been integrated with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features to ensure better connectivity, but it also increases the price. Last but not least, it can be used for cooking steak and other delicate dishes!

Anova Sous Vide

Anova sous vide is one of the most valuable devices and utilizes the clamp mountain bracket that helps tighten the device to the container, irrespective of the design and size. In simpler words, you can easily screw in the clamp for thin-lipped and wide-lipped containers to find a secure fit. In addition, once you tighten the clamp, you won’t have to worry about the sous vide machine moving around unnecessarily – it is a reliable choice.

The sous vide machine supports app control and manual control features since there is an LCD screen. The LCD screen shows the Wi-Fi, time, and temperature indicators, along with a start and stop button. Having said that, you can manually adjust the time and temperature by scrolling the LED wheel installed just below the display. In addition, you can leverage the app for cooking and monitoring the cooking progress of the food – there are hundreds of recipes available for you to follow.

It can be connected with smart home devices, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. This seamless connectivity means that sous vide will be easier to handle. There are four plug configurations available for the UK, US, EU, and Korea, so it’s a versatile choice. It is designed to offer 2.1 GPM to 2.4 GPM, which shows the heating power. In addition, it has an 800W machine, promising better heating power and circulation.

When it comes down to the functionality, the users have the option of setting up the timer manually as well as with the app. In addition, when your food is cooked, it will switch off automatically, and you will receive real-time alerts on the app. This is a compact as well as lightweight device, and it weighs 2.5 pounds less when compared to the Sansaire sous vide machine. It has a total immersion range of around 4.75 inches, which delivers more cooking capacity.

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