Samsung Microwave Fan Won’t Turn Off: 5 Ways To Fix

samsung microwave fan won't turn off
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samsung microwave fan won’t turn off

Microwaves come with an inbuilt fan. The fan makes sure that the microwave doesn’t heat up excessively on the inside. It’s pretty normal for the fan to keep running long after you’ve used the microwave. The fan works to maintain the microwave in good health. If the fan does not continuously run to cool down the microwave, there’s a great risk of your microwave getting burned.

Now that we’ve explained that there’s nothing to worry about if the fan keeps running, here are a few reasons why the fan is still running. We hope these points are helpful for you to figure out what’s wrong with the microwave.

Samsung Microwave Fan Won’t Turn Off

1) Did the thermostat get Damaged?

The inbuilt thermostat manages the microwave temperature. The thermostat signals the fan when to start running. Since microwaves use high-intensity radiations to heat food, as a result, the inside of the microwave can get pretty heated up. It is necessary to bring that temperature down to let the microwave function smoothly.

Now, a faulty thermostat or short-circuiting inside the microwave could be a reason why the fan is still running.

Fix: In case of a faulty thermostat, you’ll have to get it replaced.

2) Is it too hot in the kitchen?

Is your kitchen properly ventilated? The microwave fan might still be running because your kitchen environment is getting hotter than usual. This is common in hot regions or places that observe an excessive increase in temperature.

Fix: You can’t do much about the atmospheric pressure, but it is advisable to open all doors and windows. A properly ventilated kitchen is good for the microwave.

Another helpful tip is to not keep the electric oven or other appliances running while you’re using the microwave. If you’re already struggling with bringing down the kitchen temperature, letting too many cooking appliances run at the same time may add more to the kitchen temperature.

3) Have you been overusing the microwave?

Avoid excessively using the microwave oven. Once you’re done using the oven, the fan keeps running to cool down the microwave. If you excessively use the microwave for longer durations, it will subsequently take more time duration for the fan to cool down the microwave.

Fix: Be patient, the fan will automatically turn off once the microwave comes to room temperature. Another helpful tip is to not use the microwave for 10 minutes or longer. Try giving the microwave tiny brakes if you have to use it for longer durations.

4) Switch off the microwave from the main supply:

Switching off the microwave from the main supply will automatically turn the fan off.

5) Give your microwave a tap on the back!

Who doesn’t love a little appreciation? Well, as strange as it may sound but some users have reported that giving a slight tap to the top of the microwave switches off the fan. If none of the above-mentioned solutions seem to work for you, it’s time to tap the microwave top and let it know that you’re proud of it!

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