Sakai Takayuki Review 2021: Is It Worth The Price?

sakai takayuki review
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sakai takayuki review

Sakai Takayuki Review

Chopping the onions and cutting meat into small cubes is the daily part of cooking. For this purpose, we have got to have the knives because kitchens are surely incomplete with knives. With this being said, Sakai Takayuki knives are pretty famous since they have unique features as compared to regular knives in the market. So, we are sharing the Sakai Takayuki review in this article, and you will have every it of information about the knives!

The Hammered Damascus Chef Knife

There are various knives designed by Sakai Takayuki, and we will review all of them here. So, this chef knife has been designed with a pointy edge that adds a sharp bevel on each side. If we talk about the first impression, this knife looks appealing, and the handle has a promising handling experience. This knife is the ultimate choice for slicing and chopping since it has exceptional balance.

The knife is pretty wide, which ensures that edibles stick up while cutting. On top of everything, this knife is durable and is resistant to scratches. The fine edging on the knife might look rustic, but power is off the charts. As a result, the knife will not only be sharp but shiny as well. As for the construction, it has 33-layers of Damascus steel (hammered one).

The knife’s core has been designed with alloy VG10, and the handle is plywood construction. The blade has an exceptional geometry that offers balance while chopping or slicing. In addition, if you are concerned about maneuverability, this knife is integrated with three rivets. The only downside is that this knife is not suitable for beginners.

 33-Layers Hammered Gyuto Chef Knife

To begin with, this chef knife is designed with .20cm thickness. This knife is basically famous for the top-notch curve measurement, and the appearance is pretty cool. This knife is designed with geometric figures and has a fine line differentiation on the sides. If we look at the straight edge, it goes to the end. However, the uneven side of the knife ensures food doesn’t stick.

The knife is designed with a blackish silver color. As the name suggests, the knife has hammered stainless-steel construction (Damascus hammered form). In addition, the VG10 alloy is used in the core of the knife. The handle has a brown color and comes with three rivets that promise easier handling. Above all, the knife has cutting-edge balance.

The best thing about this knife is the higher durability. In addition, the handle has better gripping, and you can even use the knife with wet hands. However, you will need to be extremely careful about using this knife.

Santoku Knife

This knife is highly popular and comes with various unique features. Ranging from the full cutting coverage to optimal thickness, this knife is an apt choice. This knife has an edgy and pointy design, but the curve is the differentiating factor. The knife is designed with a straight curve that helps with dicing. In addition, this knife offers an optimal cutting angle.

The knife has a 33-layers stainless-steel construction. As for the appearance, this knife looks amazing, and the sharpened edge will offer sharp cutting. The scratch-resistant feature ensures that the knife is durable and will not lose the cutting power. The handle has a skillful handle that promises a better grip. Above all, the knife comes with a cover.

As far as the cons are concerned, it needs proper reservation if you want durability. In addition, if you don’t use this knife at a proper angle, the blades will become uneven.

Things To Keep In Mind

To begin with, the Sakai Takayuki knives are designed with top-notch features, and they are the Japanese knives. These knives are extremely easy and comfortable to use. Above all, the knives are made with fine material and promise a sharp edge. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these knives are made with rich material.

Before you buy these knives, keep in mind that they aren’t for beginners and are better for professional chefs. The intriguing factor is that Sakai Takayuki knives are pretty appealing. Also, some people say that knives are too short, but it has exceptional weight (around 250gms to 300gms). The bottom line is that these knives are pretty well-balanced.

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