Robot Coupe vs Cuisinart: What’s The Difference?

robot coupe vs cuisinart
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robot coupe vs cuisinart

Both Cuisinart and Robot Coupe are some of the best culinary equipment brands. For more than a decade these brands have been offering quality material to their customers. When it comes to comparison both of them are significant with their products however certain features can be compared in both brands.

Robot Coupe vs Cuisinart

Robot Coupe

The Robot Coupe is a company that has been manufacturing culinary equipment and cookware since the year 1961. All of their products are manufactured in France. In just a few decades this brand has gained a lot of popularity and expertise in different kitchen gadgets all over the globe. It has been 16 years of existence of this amazing company and since then they have been making outclass, innovative products. In 1960 the company came up with their first vegetable slicer and later in 1966 they launched their cutter mixer as well.

Since then throughout the time they kept on launching new products including automatic juice Extractor, immersion Blender, vegetable preparing machines, and blender mixers. Recently in 2019, they have launched an extra-wide Hopper food processor which is also a big success for the company. Most of the customers of Robot Coupe are very satisfied with the quality and durability of their products. Their products are made very easy to maintain and you can also get them repaired. Robot Coupe is serving in more than 130 countries.


Cuisinart is a culinary equipment brand that has been serving for over 40 years. For more than 40 years they have been serving the customers with the best quality kitchen equipment. The brand has done a lot of effort in creating awareness among people about culinary up-gradation. They also Educated people on how to use different culinary equipment. They have traveled a long journey where they introduced different types of equipment including cordless electric Jug kettle, metal dough blade, and different machinery that can assist one in working in the kitchen.

In 2004 Cuisinart launched a countertop cooking appliance that helps in cooking rice and it is one of the most famous slow cookers of Cuisinart. Later in 2008 Cuisinart became the first company to become eco-friendly among others. They reduced their carbon prints by consuming less energy as compared to others. And after that, they have been still introducing new and innovative products in the market. In 2018 Cuisinart also received and AVA Gold Award



  • When it comes to slicing the Cuisinart models are making the better cut with uniform slices. Cuisinart performs a better job as compared to Robot coupe food processors.
  • Robot coupe has good slicing performance overall but not better than Cuisinart.

Feed Tube

  • Cuisinart comes with a big feed tube which allows you to put bigger and thicker vegetables.
  • Robot coupe still comes with a small feed tube which does not allow you to put whole vegetables and you have to eventually cut them into pieces before you put them into the food processor.

Chopping Speed

  • Cuisinart has a very good chopping capability however it still chops a few seconds slower than Robot Coupe. Cuisinart processed the meat in 10 seconds.
  • The best feature about Robot Coupe is it can chop meat at a very fine and fast speed. The meat was chopped very precisely in the food processor in only seven seconds.


  • Another thing that comes in favor of Robot-Coupe is they have a bowl that does not leave liquid when you remove the bowl from the base, with the chopping blade staying in its place.
  • In the case of Cuisinart, it has a bowl that leaks immediately if you take it out from the base which causes a lot of mess while working with Cuisinart.

Considering so many features including bowl, feed tube, chopping speed and slicing off both Cuisinart and Robot Coupe food processors we can conclude that both the food processes are very efficient to work with. However, if you would love to work without the interruption of cutting vegetables into smaller pieces then you should go for Cuisinart as it has a larger feed tube.

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