Rice Cooker vs Pot: The Better Way To Cook Rice

rice cooker vs pot
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rice cooker vs pot

Most cooking experts believe that cooking rice is the most straightforward yet most challenging task in the kitchen. When cooking rice, you have to be careful about many things, from what rice you’re using to how much water to add. More than usually, it is the cooking utensil that makes the real difference.

Although, rice has been traditionally consumed in the subcontinent for hundreds of years. It is now enjoyed worldwide. Rice is an essential part of the diet in countries like Bangladesh and India, where it is cooked every day. Since these countries have been cooking rice for centuries, people there are well versed in the art of cooking rice. Some Chefs believe a Cooking Pot is considered more than enough for cooking rice. But then you’ll see so many people investing in a Rice cooker? Is it really worth the hype?

If you can’t decide what you need for your kitchen, continue reading to get all your answers.

Rice Cooker vs Pot

Rice cooker

A Rice cooker is a specially designed kitchen pot. It comes with pre-set automatic settings and is specifically used for cooking rice. It’s an ideal investment if you’re someone who loves rice but hates spending too much time in the kitchen. You can’t go wrong with rice while using a rice cooker.

The rice cooker has the latest technology, which uses thermal sensors. These sensors maintain the internal temperature of the cooker, helping you cook excellent quality rice. The striking difference with cooking with a Rice cooker is the soft texture of rice. The rice cooker maintains the rice moisture without making them extra soggy. All you have to do is add rice, some water and let the Rice Cooker do its magic.

Most kitchen experts believe a Rice cooker might not be a brilliant investment. This is because a Rice cooker can only cook rice. Whereas, if you invest in an instant pot, it can help you cook anything.

However, that’s not true. You can cook cereals, beans, quinoa in a Rice cooker. You can even steam vegetables and chicken using a rice cooker. Understanding how a rice cooker works is necessary to increase its utility in the kitchen.


An instant Kitchen Pot is an all-in-one must-have kitchen Utensil. However, cooking rice in a Pot can be slightly tricky. If you’re not familiar with cooking, chances are you might find yourself in a mini-crisis. However, you can learn how to ace making rice with the proper technique and sound experience that comes with time.

While cooking rice using a Rice cooker, you rarely have to worry about the measurements. But when using a Pot, be careful to measure the exact quantity of rice to water ratio. A Rice cooker comes with inbuilt temperature sensors that switch off the cooker once all the moisture is absorbed. However, you’ll have to keep an eye on the Pot while your rice cooks. Chances are you might overcook the rice if you don’t pay enough attention to the cooking process.

Other than that, a cooking pot is the most versatile kitchen utensil. It can help you cook all sort of gravies, pulses, vegetables, chicken, and so much more. However, unlike a Rice cooker that turns off on its own, you must monitor the timings of a cooking pot. You have to time the pressure duration and switch off the stove accordingly.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to Kitchen Utensils, one should always shop smart. Always be clear about your budget. When choosing between two pots, always prefer quality but make sure you don’t ignore the utility. Why invest in something you’ll be barely making use of? For example, if you frequently cook rice, then a Rice cooker seems like a good option. It helps you save valuable time. However, if you’re an experienced cook, then an Instant pot would be enough to make good rice.

While a Rice cooker is a modern innovation in cooking-ware, an instant pot is being used for years with far greater utility. It can get a little tricky making a decision between the two but make sure you weigh out all the pros and cons before making your final decision.

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