Pressure Pro Pressure Cooker Display Not Showing Numbers: 6 Steps To Fix

pressure pro pressure cooker display not showing numbers
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pressure pro pressure cooker display not showing numbers

Pressure Pro pressure cooker is one of the finest gadgets and it can make you shift from so many other gadgets to this 9 1 gadget. Pressure Pro pressure cooker can let you cook in many ways like baking, air-frying, and broiling. The best part about this pressure cooker is that it comes with an LED display that can show you different temperatures and pressures on which you want to cook your food. Unlike traditional pressure cookers, you will not have to measure the temperature every second just to make your recipe work. There is an electrical system to calculate the temperature of your recipe and for your ease, it will show the temperature on the LED screen of the Pressure Pro pressure cooker.

Not only this but the LED display of the professional pressure cooker is very important to regulate and set different recipes given by the manufacturer. This pressure cooker comes with preset programs that allow you to cook your food hassle-free by just pressing one button and inserting all the food. The LED display is also useful for setting the delay timer. The delay timer option is very efficient as it allows you to cook your food at the time when you are free and available. You can be busy somewhere else and you can halt your cooking with the help of a delay timer. LED display also allows you to activate and keep warm features. Keeping warm is necessary for those people who work before the time.

If you have cooked your dinner at the time of lunch then you can let it be completely fresh and until your dinner time with the help of this keep warm option. The LED display is also important if there is an Error message that your pressure cooker wants to show you. On overheating it will give you a certain error message that lets you know to stop the hazard. However, in some cases, there is a technical error in your Pressure Pro pressure cooker which makes the LED malfunction. Sometimes led is unable to show the numbers because of some error.

Pressure Pro Pressure Cooker Display Not Showing Numbers: 6 Troubleshooting Steps 

  1. First of all, you need to reach out to your nearby spare parts shop so that you can purchase all the spare parts of the pressure cooker Led that is required.
  2. Make sure that you have screwed out all the screws that are inside the pressure cooker.
  3. Now after removing the screws, you must slide away from the outer case of the pressure cooker so that you can see the control panel.
  4. When you see the control panel you must unscrew the control panel as well because four screws are holding the control panel LED circuit board.
  5. Make sure that you have put all the screws in a proper place otherwise they can get lost and you will have to bring new screws.
  6. Now change the part of the control panel that has got a problem with the spare part you have bought.

Hopefully, this blog is helpful enough for you to change your LED display and make it functioning.

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