Power Pressure Cooker XL Not Heating Up: 8 Steps To Repair

power pressure cooker xl not heating up
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power pressure cooker xl not heating up

The power pressure cooker is built very sturdily and durable but there can be an electrical error disconnection that can cause your pressure cooker to not work at all. There is delicate wiring inside which makes your Power pressure cooker heat up. However, if even single wiring is disturbed or damaged then your pressure cooker would not be able to work and be unable to do any of the functions. Repairing delicate wiring does not seem quite easy but it is not difficult as well. In most cases, the reason your pressure cooker is unable to heat is because of failed solder.

The connections and wiring of the Power pressure cooker are at the bottom of the pot. The main circuit Board of this pressure cooker is at the bottom and the failed connection is on the output terminal off the main switch or electrical relay. The function of the electrical relay is to send electricity to generate heat. There are a few steps that are required to access the wiring of your pressure cooker.

WARNING: Repairing electrical appliances the wrong way can cause serious injury. Try at your own risk

Power Pressure Cooker XL Not Heating Up: 8 Steps To Repair

  1. First of all, you will have to turn your pressure cooker upside down and take out all the screws so that you can twist off the plastic cover off the base. When you take the plastic cover off you will see the circuit board.
  2. After that, you will have to check if there is no power going at all to your Power pressure cooker. You can check this by seeing the continuity between the neutral wall plug and the red wire on the circuit. What you are trying to check is the thermal cut off the fuse that’s present in the bottom left of the circuit board.
  3. If you find that thermal cutoff fuse bad then you can replace it easily at the very first step.
  4. If you are still unable to get it functioning and the issue is not present there then you should look a little differently. You will have to take out your circuit board and disconnect all of the connections on it.
  5. It would be better if you pull out the wires with the help of a tab and you do not do it by yourself.
  6. Look out for the main power connections that are connected from the circuit to the element responsible for heating. Although you can not disconnect these, you can unscrew them so that it is disconnected with the heating element.
  7. Now look for the burnt or cracked solder so that you determine which connection was disturbed.
  8. Once you have found the burnt or cracked solder you can repair it easily with any soldering equipment.

After implementing all of these steps, you can check if your Power pressure cooker is working or not by using a thermal heat camera. Although you can also check it by putting some water and food in it, an authentic and quicker way is to use a thermal heat camera which can determine the heating effect in no time at all.

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