Pizza Stone Substitute By Alton Brown: What Is That?

pizza stone substitute alton brown
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pizza stone substitute alton brown

Are you spending half of your weekly budget on ordering pizzas? It’s time to cut down on it. Making a pizza from scratch requires a ton of knowledge and some expertise as well. It’s important to have all the items available like a pizza stone.

A pizza stone helps maintain the oven heat. This makes it possible to cook pizza thoroughly and evenly. Using a pizza stone makes the bottom of the pizza crispier. Owing to the thermal mass of a pizza stone and the conduction ability of the material used, the chances of burning food are pretty low.

However, it may be the case that you do not have a pizza stone at home, so you may be looking for an appropriate substitute. One of the foodies’ favorite chefs on the TV, Alton Brown used a quarry tile instead of a pizza stone.

Pizza Stone Substitute By Altan Brown

Pizza stones can be an expensive item while making homemade pizza. So, many people go out looking for other options. What is better than a piece of advice by a top chef like Altan Brown?

Altan brown in one of the shows used an unglazed quarry tile. This is an affordable and easily available option. You can try one to see how it works for you. When you buy a quarry tile, make sure you get the right size, and the edges are flat.

These tiles are durable and can be used again. However, some tiles crack quickly, so choose a good quality one. An unglazed quarry tile would revolutionize your pizza-making venture. A thoughtful piece of advice from a kitchen expert is definitely a plus for commoners like us.

Some people have doubts about the health impact of using a tile from a hardware shop. It may have lead and other toxic chemicals that would negatively affect the health. If you want to use a tile like Altan Brown did and are afraid of the harmful stuff in a tile, go for the kitchen counter tile. You may find it a better option. Do not be afraid of trying out this idea, as it may prove to be a gamechanger for you.

Pizza stone has the advantage of even heating and the ability to squeeze extra moisture out of the dough. In case you do not want to follow Altan Brown’s idea of a quarry tile, use other substitutes. Your best ideas can be a pizza pan, cast iron pan, or an inverted baking sheet. These are cheaper and more easily available.

Final Thoughts

We cannot doubt the advantages of using a pizza stone to make a tasty and appropriate texture pizza. However, its unavailability can cause problems for someone looking to start a small pizza business or to treat some guests. The cooking giant, Altan Brown suggested using an unglazed quarry tile instead of a pizza stone. It is a great option for those who are looking for a cheap substitute. A quarry tile would work well and do the job.

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