6 Ways To Fix Pizza Sticking To Peel

pizza sticking to peel
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pizza sticking to peel

Ranging from perfect temperature or right baking steel or stone, you need to consider different factors to ensure the pizza comes out crispy and bubbling with cheese. However, there are times when pizza still sticks to the pizza peel (it’s frustrating, we know). So, if you bake pizza and it sticks to the peel, we have some tips for you!

Preventing Pizza From Sticking To The Pizza Peel

1. Preparing The Pizza

When you want to prevent this sticking issue, you have to take the right steps from the very beginning. For this reason, you need to prepare the pizza dough on a different work counter. For instance, you should not stretch or knead the pizza dough on the pizza peel. It’s suggested to use the rolling mat or your regular countertop. In addition, you must sprinkle a sufficient amount of flour to ensure it doesn’t stick to the preparation surface either.

2. Coating The Pizza Peel

Once you have prepared and coated the working station with flour, you should also focus on coating the pizza peel with flour. Flour is not always the preferred choice, so you can also use semolina or cornmeal because they are healthier. This is because flour works as small ball bearings and creates friction between the pizza peel and dough. However, make sure that you keep a low hand on cornmeal because it can burn up and create smoke.

3. Work Efficiently

Now that you have placed pizza dough on the flour-coated peel, make sure that you work efficiently and quickly. This is because you will only have a few minutes before the pizza dough absorbs all the flour and will start sticking to the pizza peel (particularly if you are using metal pizza peel). So, work quickly!

4. Shake

When you have added pizza to the pizza peel, you should shake the pizza periodically on the peel during the preparation phase. It is important because rechecking the pizza will ensure it doesn’t stick. In addition, even if a specific patch is sticking, you can simply slip in more flour.

5. Removing The Sticking Pizza

If the damage is already done and you have to get your pizza off the pizza peel, you need to use the back & forth motion. For this purpose, simply thrust the peel with a smooth motion and give it a jerk. As a result, the pizza’s momentum will move forward, and it will slide the pizza off the peel.

6. Don’t Lose Heat

When you open the oven’s door, it’s evident that the heat will be lost, and you don’t want to lose too much heat. Keep in mind that when the metal peel is put into the hot oven for too long, the heat will transfer to the peel. As a result, the pizza will continue cooking even before dough hits the pizza stone or pan. Keep in mind that sudden change in temperature will be another reason behind sticking pizza.

To summarize, you can use these methods to ensure pizza doesn’t stick to the pizza peel. So, be careful and watch your pizza come out perfectly and easily!

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